‘Cyrus the Great – Celestial Sovereign’ by Sam Kerr

Dear Friends,

Here is an interesting book  “Cyrus the Great – Celestial Sovereign”  that was released three days ago.  The Paperback that runs into 334 pages is well researched and penned by  friend Sam Kerr,  deserves a wider audience and the pride of place on the bookshelf of Zoroastrian homes and libraries.

Sam originally Sam Kerawalla of the Dadar Parsi Colony, Bombay, but has settled in Australia since several decades.  Mr. Sam  Kerr is no stranger to  most of you, as are his writings on matters Zoroastrians.

This is his first book. We  wish him luck in the first edition being a sellout


Rusi Sorabji.



It is published by the Lulu Press Inc.

Its ISBN code is 7891326284848.

Published Date 22 August 2015

Paperback in the popular 8.26”  by  5.83” format.

Here is a  brief review of the book by the publishers:-
image005Cyrus the Great lived 599-529 BCE and ruled 559-529 BCE.
The book is a fictionalized historical biography in a chronological order, inferring from the Old Testament
and other legitimate sources in the search for valid clues, including a study into the nature of a wide variety
of peoples, their cultures, habits, inclinations, manner of speaking and way of life of ancient times. The original
Avestan, Old Iranian, Hebrew and Semitic names, assisted by Greek, Latin and Vedic equivalents in the foot-notes have been retained. The addition of fictional material was done with a hope to place emphasis on his humanitarian facets, which changed the prevailing chaotic way of life to a new ‘World Order’ in the, then, known Classical World. He was the first in documented history to be titled ‘The Great’.


  • F A O, Rusi Sorabji, Sam Kerawalla and I attended the same Medical School/College in Indore, India. I know Sam well and would like to purchase his book. How do I go about buying one, please? Give him my regards, Soli Maneksha.

    Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 09:08:24 +0000 To: solimaneksha@hotmail.com

    • Hello Soli,

      I remember you very well. How are you and family? Please write to me about you & your family.

      Here is how you purchase my book: –
      This print book – full name of the book: Cyrus the Great – Celestial Sovereign is available only on demand, online.

      Go to WEBSITE: http://www.lulu.com
      (Lulu – Online Self-Publishing Book & eBook Company)

      In SEARCH type full name of the book: Cyrus the Great – Celestial Sovereign & press Enter
      Since there are other books titled Cyrus the Great the FULL NAME of my book Cyrus the Great – Celestial Sovereign
      needs to be typed in the SEARCH slot of the website http://www.lulu.com

      On new page, click on yellow tab: Add to Basket
      On new page, click on yellow tab: Continue to Checkout>

      On new page, choose I am a New Customer & click on yellow tab: Continue to Checkout>
      On new page, fill in Name, Address …etc & click on yellow tab: Save & Continue>
      On new page, click on the dot: Mail & click on yellow tab: Save & Continue>
      On new page, fill in Payment Information & click on yellow tab: Save & Continue>
      On new page click on Place Order (the book will be delivered to you)

      Print the page as your Receipt, if you wish. A Lulu ‘Order Receipt’ will also appear in your Inbox

      Cheers and keep smiling!
      Kind regards


  • If you click on the link of the Book Cover – it will take you to the online purchase option directly.

  • Ervad Jal Dastur

    I may certainly go ahead and buy what appears to be an interesting book on our ancestral history, but what strikes me is why are people ashamed of their own original names? Do they really believe that changing their first or family names make them appear more credible in their profession, and easily allow them to be an integral part of the Westernized crowd? If so, they are totally wrong! This behaviour only displays one’s own insecurity and inferiority complex. These comments are based on my own observations over and over again, having resided in Canada for over four decades and having fortunately enjoyed a place in a highly respected and sophisticated society over the years, without ever seeing the need of changing my name, or for that matter my speaking accent. Anyways, I wish all the very best to Mr. Sam Kerawalla on his brilliant endeavour.

  • Nice to hear from you, Jal, about your self-styled observations, which you say you have made ‘over and over again’. Before you do it again, I trust that you will first look into your own change of name from the Avesta name – ‘Zaal e Zaar’ to the changed Gujarati corruption – ‘Jaal’. In your eagerness to rush into print (for a general global display) you have, in your egocentric message from Canada (which is also a different name), made some misplaced presumptions in displaying ‘your own behaviour of insecurity and inferiority complex’ rather than mine. Your persistent attitude suggests some form of insecurity.
    My father or I and my loved ones have never been ashamed of (what you call as) our ‘original’ (that is only of about 100 years) name of ‘Kerawalla’. Before that the family name was ‘Limjibhai’, which had also been changed from a previous name. Ever since migration to the Indian Subcontinent (India, that is Bharat) from Iran and, previous to that from our Primal Homeland (Airyana vaeja) , through to several countries we happened to have passed through or settled down in (see Map 1 of my book), we have changed our names ‘ad infinitum’. We have thus been able to integrate earlier and live well among the host populations very, very successfully, thanks to our indomitable spirit.
    I reassure you, Jal, I am as ‘secure’ and have ‘not suffered from inferiority complex’ as when I left the shores of my birth town, Mumbai in 1958, 57 years ago (it was once named Bombay and renamed Mumbai. Previous to that there were a group of 7 islands inhabited by fisher-folk worshipping a sea deity, Mumba Devi).
    You, Sir, have an attitude problem, which I trust you will (successfully) rectify in your recently settled state (of over four decades).
    Kind regards
    Sam Kerr
    Sydney, NSW, Australia
    (The name, ‘Australia’, which was ‘Terra Australis’, was once called NSW (New South Wales) by the British. Before that, it was Gwandana-land. The indigenous people had their own name, too for their land).

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