Zarathustra Opera Puppet Show

Great news and a huge step forward for Zoroastrians of all ages!

The HumatA, HukhatA, HuvarashtA TV Program (the First Zoroastrian TV Station) have announced that they are currently putting forward the idea of making Zarathustra Opera Puppet Show.

This is a huge turning point for all of the Zoroastrians, and it gives us a chance to increase awareness of Zarathustra’s message for all – especially the younger generation; our future.

Mr Behrooz Gharibpour has previously worked on many similar operas, his work can be seen by clicking here.

The videos in the link are a brief idea of just how wonderful the Zarathustra Opera Puppet Show will be.
In order to kick start this program, we will need a reasonable amount of funding, and therefore we have come up with a sponsorship plan:

  • ([sponsor”+”] & [sponsor”*”] & [sponsor”*+”]) which starts from £5000 for the “+” plan.

Please contact the Pars TV – EU Head Office (HumatA, HukhatA, HuvarashtA TV Program) if interested in sponsoring this exciting new show at:


Best Regards

Arshid Moti
Earth Rounder Pilot for Peace & Freedom in Iran & World – Media & Multimedia Expert
Head of EU Branch – Pars TV



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