Yo Workouts !

_DSC0162-cutAs has been his practice of expressing gratitude to the Universe on his birthday every year, global holistic health guru Mickey Mehta is giving the wellness industry a gift on his 53rd birthday today.

The generous 53% discount he is spontaneously offering on all new memberships at his 360 Wellness Temples in the city and country apart, Mickey Mehta is introducing an exciting series of signature workouts that promise to revolutionize the very concept of wellness, well-being, health and fitness.

Called ‘Yo Workouts’, the wellness guru promises will be a shout, or a call, to every soul in the yo-logo2 (1)universe to wake up and take their wellness seriously. It has taken Mickey Mehta years of scientific research and new age study, a constant pursuit of what works best for mankind, to create the ‘Yo Workouts’.

“Very simply, they are based on the principles, spirituality and science of Yoga, but I have reworked them and given them a 21st century spin so that they now not only appeal to the youth who are looking for quick-fix solutions to all life’s issues, but also attend to the elderly who are reaching and pushing new boundaries,” said Mickey Mehta of his ‘Yo Workouts’.

Explaining further, the holistic wellness expert with universal reach and appeal said, “Every workout connects body to mind, mind to spirit, spirit to body… leading to wholeness and evolution. They have been aesthetically and functionally designed to address all human needs on the ladder of evolution, including fitness, health, wellness, and well-being.”

Breaking it down further so that it can be easily applicable and beneficial to every Indian, Mickey Mehta has described his ‘Yo Workouts’ as a soul-searching synergy of exercises called Flow-Yo, Card-Yo, Stretch-Yo, Strength-Yo, Ab-Yo, Cross-Yo and Cool-Yo. “Yo is like saying yuppie, it’s young, cool, trendy, it’s another way of giving the Universe a High Five,” he explained.

“These terminologies are self-explanatory, they harmoniously and seamlessly combine in the _DSC0188-cut‘Yo Workouts’ to help build the champions of tomorrow and stabilize and energize those of advancing years,” said Mickey Mehta. The ‘Yo Workouts’ are a part of the popular Wellness Revolution for Human Evolution campaign that he drives globally.

“I want Wellness to be the World’s Religion No. 1,” said Mickey Mehta, “and I will take every initiative to work towards making ours a disease-free world. If that happens, then every day will be like a ‘birth day’ not just for me – but for all of us. That’s why I am introducing the ‘Yo Workouts’. I want everybody to get energized. When you do that, your potential gets maximized and optimized. It’s what I call ‘Getting Mickeymized’,” says the 53-year-old holistic health guru whose ‘Yo Workouts’ have given him the mind and energy of a teenager.

So what are you waiting for let yourself be transformed and metamorphised.

Join YO Workouts and get Mickeymized.

Enroll now and get, set, Yo at your nearest Mickey Mehta Wellness Temples.

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