ZAH Library Event – October 9-11

The ZAH Library – home of FIRES – is holding its 12th annual gala event on October 9, 10 and 11. The theme: “Survival of Zoroastrians in North America: Potential for a Positive Outlook” is hotly debated these days. Our focus will be on how the diaspora in North America can thrive and remain a vibrant force for decades to come

We are fortunate to have two outstanding experts who have studied the issues and can present viable alternatives to address this important topic. Dr. Rashna Writer, author of several books and recognized speaker, will present the strategic planning required to ensure a thriving Zoroastrian community in the North American diaspora. Our second speaker, Roshan Rivetna has studied and researched this issue for several years and will present data on population trends, etc. that will highlight the problem before us. She will present action items that will inspire us to action, especially the younger generation. The two talks in the morning session will be followed by a panel discussion featuring younger member of our community in the afternoon. The panelists Zia Anklesaria, Nozer Dungor, Tannaz Macchi and Toshar Mondegarian will share with us their perspective of the future of Zoroastrianism in North America. The next day, Sunday, will be a 2-hour informal question-and-answer session.

Join Us!

Aban Rustomji
Houston, TX

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