Company Director magazine interviews Marlene Kanga

Here is an interesting article about an amazing lady Marlene Rustom Kanga, from a small village in old Portuguese Goa.
A lCaptuready from a village on the West Coast of India with only two wells and no electricity, who is now the elected President of ENGINEERS AUSTRALIA. Engineers Australia is the apex national body of more than 100,000 engineers.  She was on The National Council for 8 years (2007 -14) and is the second women in 97 years to chair the organization.

Marlene is the mother of the famous pianist Zubin Kanga from “Down Under” and the daughter-in-law of Adi Kanga the man referred to as the ”father of Navi Mumbai”.

Please read the link to the article from the September 2015 issue of the magazine COMPANY DIRECTOR .
Rusi Sorabji

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