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BPP Press Release – Nominations for BPP Trustees’ Election – 2015

bpp_logoMahiyar G Dastoor, Election President, announced the list of nominations received at the end of closing hours on October 18. Five seats on the trust are up for election for which Twenty Five candidates have entered the fray which includes 2 women contestants and 23 men. They are as under :

  1. Danesh Nejadksy,
  2. Daara Patel,
  3. Goolrukh Buhariwala,
  4. Dr Homi Dhalla,
  5. Hoshang Jal,
  6. Maj. Gen. Khurshed Balsara,
  7. Kemas Wadia,
  8. Kersi Randeria,
  9. Maneck Davar,
  10. Ervad Marzban Maney,
  11. Cdre Medioma Bhada,
  12. Sqn Ldr Minoo Wadia,
  13. Minoo Nalawalla,
  14. Noshir Dadrawala,
  15. Parvez Umrigar,
  16. Dr Percy Doctor,
  17. Phiroze Amroliwalla,
  18. Shaarookh Wadia,
  19. Maj Gen Soli Pavri,
  20. Tehmtan Dumasia,
  21. Viraf Mehta,
  22. Xerxes Dastur,
  23. Yazdi Desai,
  24. Zarir Bhathena
  25. Dr Zuleika Homavazir

Contestants can withdraw their nominations till September 30, 2015

Voters with laminated certificates are once again requested to procure duplicates from BPP Office, Election Department

FAQs for Voters and EVM are available at the following links :

Voter FAQs –