• Dear Yazdi, The Parsee word for scrambled eggs is Chaarvela Eeda. Akuri is a delicious concoction of spiced up scrambled eggs,mainly with coriander, chopped garlic,some ginger garlic paste, a bit of chopped fried onion (vaghaar) and can be garnished with more coriander or chopped green chillies , as per the eater’s desire. The Indian word for this dish is Bhurji and it is available at practically all Parsee and Muslim restaurants. Muslims serve a concoction of Bhurji mixed with mince at breakfast which is a tongue tingling, lip smacking dish named Kheema Ghotala.Best Regards,JAMSHED ARJANI    9869335290

  • Missing In Action…..green coriander leaves…”kotmir”….an absolute must for akori!

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