Hundreds of years ago

We too came as refugees

Were given humanitarian treatment

Neither abused or treated like fleas

We arrived at the shore of Sanjan

With mere clothes on our backs

We were given asylum

Without papers,IDS

Or any questions or tagged

“Parsi Thy Name is Charity”

It must ring a bell?

Though there are other

Disturbing stories

I would like to tell

We have prospered

Over the years

So also our Ego & Pride

Being a Zoroastrian

Means nothing

A mere pebble in the sand

There is no accountibility

From Scholars or priests

They can teach what they

And get away with it

We like Fools seem to follow

Every darn word we seem to swallow

Knowing it is morally wrong

As the continue to divide the community

Creating misery sadness & sorrow

Who cares for the needy poor the unfortunate

It’s up to the BPP (so called Care takers)

Making sure there is enough on their plate

At the same time they seem to say

Let Ahura Mazda take care of them

When they arrive at the Pearly Gates.


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