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  • Please let me to correct this post.
    We are the First Zoroastrian TV Station and we have HumatA, HukhatA , HuvarashtA TV program broadcasting on Pars TV but it is not enough.
    It is once a week.
    We need sponsors to make it daily up to 6 hours in other languages than Iranian.
    Therefore here is the link for the youtube,پخش تلویزیونی ۶ اکتبر آنچه گذشت ۱۰ و برنامه ۵ بخ…:

    And this is my email as head of Pars TV – EU.

    And this is paypal email for any support from one pound ….

    Best Regards
    Arshid Moti

    PS, tnx 2 Yazdi for this post

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