Pars TV – The All Zoroastrian TV Network

Click Here to watch – Knowledge of Persian / Farsi is essential !


2 thoughts on “Pars TV – The All Zoroastrian TV Network”

  1. Please let me to correct this post.
    We are the First Zoroastrian TV Station and we have HumatA, HukhatA , HuvarashtA TV program broadcasting on Pars TV but it is not enough.
    It is once a week.
    We need sponsors to make it daily up to 6 hours in other languages than Iranian.
    Therefore here is the link for the youtube,پخش تلویزیونی ۶ اکتبر آنچه گذشت ۱۰ و برنامه ۵ بخ…:

    And this is my email as head of Pars TV – EU.

    And this is paypal email for any support from one pound ….

    Best Regards
    Arshid Moti

    PS, tnx 2 Yazdi for this post

  2. Khshnaothra ahurahe mazdå
    This is a real scam in order to
    1) Give a totally false and falsificated image of Zoroastrianism
    2) Prevent iranians to come back to their roots
    3) Commercialize Zoroastrianism and make money by hijacking the current massive movement of iranians to find their identity

    Please do not be NAIVE, stop supporting this anti-zoroastrian plot.


    Fereydoun Rasti.

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