Panchgani Agiary – highest in the world !


Seth Nanabhoy Bezonji Choksi Dar-E-Meher PANCHGANI

Date of Consecration – 14th May, 1931 Roj Adar Maha Adar, 1300 Y.Z.

HISTORY: It is perhaps the highest located agiary in the world. Panchgani is about 4,300 feet above the sea level.
Seth Nanabhoy Bezonji Choksi Dar-E-Meher was consecrated and was open by Dastur Noshirwan Kaikobad on 14th May, 1931. The expenses for the building of the Dar-E-Meher were Rs.38,300/-. Seth Nanabhoy gave securities worth Rs. 26,338/- towards its maintenance fund. Various co-religionists donated sums totalling Rs. 11,500/- towards its endowment fund. The foundation stone laying ceremony for priest’s quarters which Seth Nanabhoy Choksi was to build in memory of his wife Goolbai was performed by his grand-daughter Bai Meherbai.
It is a quaint structure, beautiful in proportion. The stained glass is special feature on the façade of verandah. The agiary is set in beautiful garden with tall pine trees. It is on a slight elevation.
There is a lovely sanatorium with self contained cottages “Gulshan-e-Aram” one km from agiary and there is aramgah also.

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  • We, All Parsis, should always support all agiaries in many remote cities in India, Mr Bomy Irani

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  • Roshni nee Ichhaporia

    I am from Batha school, Panchgani and felt very proud to see the Agiary there being mentioned in here. In fact, the Zarathustra galicho which you can partly see in the photo is donated by Dara and Dinshaw Vakharia in memory of their father. Incidentally, I am Dinshaw’s wife.
    Through this forum I would like to connect with any Batha school students of upto 1965.
    Would love to form a group and revisit my school and the Agiary and Aramgah there.

  • Hi Roshni I share the same sentiments as you. I was in Batha school from 1950 to 1959 and my sister till 1960.We used to visit the Agiyari and Aramgha on Fervadin roj and sing Munajat in the hall. Then we also used to visit the graves of our Parsi stalwarts! On one of the graves was written these lines:
    “Listen to me oh passers by,
    As you are now so once was I,
    As i am now so you shall be,
    prepare the way to follow me”
    If i am not mistaken it was the grave stone of one Mr. KABRAJI!

    Also once we had gone to the grounds of the Agiyari for a Kirtan on Zarthushtra! Coincidently, we have just formed a group of the Bathaites and we are going to meet this saturday the 31st October at Amboli. Please call me on 9819375609.
    Gulshan-e-aram was founded by our Principals, Pappaji and Mummaji (Mr. and Mrs. Batha! Their nephew, Mr. Homi Kanga stays there i am told.
    Truly I feel proud that i used to visit the world’s highest Agiyari in Panchgani!
    Armaity Sorabji Engineer My sister Aban Sorabji Engineer. in school Mummaji used to address us as those ‘ Shaitan Sisters” !
    Now i am Armaity Suresh Patel and My sister is Seema Navin Sahni
    Ushta Te!

    • I am a Parsi. I want to stay at Panchgani Sanatorium. Can you please provide me contact number of the sanatorium?

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