Invisible Zoroastrians – the poor of a prosperous community

9 out of 10 Parsi friends we know of, when asked define a Parsi, will give the definition as, a very typical middle-class person, who is happy go lucky & enjoys life.

Lets see some other real Zoroastrians. (Note it is a 23 minute video. Pl start only when u have the time).

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  • The Bombay Punchayet elections have just concluded and I read in Parsiana about the huge amounts of money spent and excitement created. I also read about the huge amounts of money being wasted on the idiotic Jiyo Parsi program by the government. I just wonder why the so called reputation of the “charitable Parsi” does not extend to divert the available funds to these unfortunate Parsis who have worked all their lives and are living in squalor, yet with so much dignity, and suffering so privately. The community leaders need to reassess priorities.

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