Minwala Montessori Institute inaugurated

Minwala Montessori Institute inaugurated at the venue of the 1949 Montessori Teacher Training Course conducted by Dr. Maria Montessori

Gool Minwalla, founded the Institute after graduating from the 1949 Montessori TTC  in Pakistan conducted by Dr. Maria Montessori and was the Life President of Pakistan Montessori Association and Director of Montessori Teacher Training.

 She was also a pillar of the Theosophical Society of Pakistan for decades. A dedicated social worker, always ready to champion women’s and children’s rights. 

Minwala Montessori Institute or MMI was inaugurated at the Jamshed Memorial Hall Karachi, Pakistan on October 31, 2015, It is yet another TOS Pakistan educational and humanitarian project. The ceremony was presided over by Mrs. Kishwar Allahwala, the Hon. Secretary of the Pakistan Montessori Association. The other Montessorians who attended the function were the President PMA Mrs. Zohra Gaya and the senior Montessori consultant Mrs. Parveen Islamuddin.

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