• While doing kusti these foreign/Indian residing zoroastrians are making a sheer MOCKERY of our religion by wearing cut sadra without having 9 seams which we are supposed to make when we wear sadra.Without 9 seams it looks like wearing sport shirts without sleeves. This should be totally curbed when they show their photo with great pleasure and other innocent zoroastrians follow same. Our Religious Scriptures itself speaks about same and whatever prayers we recite goes astray and highly sinful for such zoroastrians encouraging evildoers to deteriorate religious kasti rituals.
    Such iliterate/ignorant zoroastrians purposely show their pomp and glory to public by creating change attitudes. We are not suppose to change our fundamentals with recent 0ngoing time. It has beeen purely stated in our Zarthost Nameh/Ardaviraf Nameh for such person who are bringing change are called ASMOG.(followers of Zohak in todays zoroastrian community). Therefore please refrain such zoroastrians from their Show-off to avoid further downfall.
    Ervad Aspi K. Rao

    • If the religion has been reduced to counting the seams on the sudra, we have the answer to why our numbers are dwindling. Parsis (I differentiate them from Zoroastrians) are the only people who prohibit conversion. You can be a Parsi only by accident of birth. A mature adult, after serious study cannot decide to adopt the Zoroastrian faith because the Parsis prohibit it! It is time to leave the rituals of the Vendidad aside and to spread the gospel of Zarathushtra universally. For the past century the most erudite books on Zoroastrianism have been researched and written by non – Zoroastrian scholars! That itself should open the eyes of those among us who care only for the teachings, and can enthusiastically abandon counting the number of seams in a sadra, or the number of sips of “taro” one has to take to be a “REAL parsi”.

      • The age old customs and traditions must be followed and not diluted. In the name of modernism. You want to dilute those basic things which are the foundation of our religion. If our forefathers were to dilute the basic tenets of our religion we would have been obliterated as a religion long ago.

  • Parsi & Proud of it

  • I’m proud to be zoroastrian.

  • Adil. Dali. Elavia

    You are so right Ervad Rao. I see Sadra tucked in the pants. It should be out.

  • Minoo Sorabji Kama

    I am a parsi and proud of it. There can be few fundamental changes in our religion.

  • I fully agree and endorse the views of Ervad Rao. Hats off to you !

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