Gatha Awareness and Appreciation Project

Ushta-Te Foundation, Ahmedabad

Beautiful Reprints and Calendars Inspired by the Gathas!

 The Gatha Study Circle, of Ushta-Te Foundation, Ahmedabad, launched into a unique project in 2014, that aims to create awareness and interest among Parsi youth and others, in the timeless message of Prophet Zarthushtra as articulated in the holy Gathas.

The project has resulted in six beautiful paintings inspired by verses from the Gathas, by Rustom Daboo of Vadodra, and a beautiful calendar (2016) designed by Mr. Cyrus Mobedji, of Ashoi Designs, Ahmedabad, using the paintings made by Rustomji. Details of the products available are as under:

gatha 1

Reprints   : Size : 19 inches X 26 inches

Set : Each set will have 6   different paintings

Price : Rs. 1500



gatha 2


Calender Big                

Size : 19 inches X 26 inches

Pages : 6 pages (6 different paintings)

Price : Rs. 500                       Price : Rs. 300




gatha 3


Calender Small

Size : 13 inches X 19 inches

Pages : 12 pages (6 different paintings)

Price : Rs. 300



Although the products will be launched during the forthcoming Udwada Utsav on 25th of December 2015, you may pre-book your copies. Since this is a collector’s edition the number of copies being printed is limited. Hence all interested Humdins are requested to pre-book their copies in order to avoid disappointment later.

DNA Ahmedabad edition 12/12/15

gatha 4




To pre book order contact:

Mumbai: Vahishtai Daboo, R-7, Cusrow Baug, Cell 9820409019 (sms/whatsapp), Email

Ahmedabad: Delnaz Jokhi/ Ashis Majra, Ushta Te Foundation, Email


Ushta Te Foundation, Ahmedabad

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  • Bakhtavar Adi Chindhy

    How can my son become a member of the gatha study circle or any Parsee Zoroastrian group.
    We are based in Atlanta USA.
    Pls advice

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