Telangana is second State to set up Zoroastrian jury

With Telangana setting up a 15-member Zoroastrian jury to aid the settlement of marriage and divorce, the Parsis in the State can decide on such matters within the community. Telangana becomes the second State after Maharashtra to set up the Zoroastrian jury.

Of the 15 members now selected from within the community, just five, acceptable to both the parties, will chair the jury. Also, the husband and wife who want a divorce will get to recommend two jury members each to suit their comfort. The fifth member of the jury will remain ‘neutral’ in the matter.

The Parsi community in the twin cities is small with just 1200-1400 members.While an average of six marriages happen each year in the community, at least one divorce takes place within a span of a year-and-a-half. In the matter of divorces in the State, the Parsi jury will send its advisory decision to the city civil court, the judge of which will later pass his/her judgement.

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