Films needed for the PARZOR Film festival


The Parzor Film Festival is looking for short films from the perspective of the Young Zoroastrian Diaspora.
Films can explore on any aspect or perspective that is relevant to  someone from the Zoroastrian Diaspora (Iranian or South Asian). We are looking for all voices and perspectives from the diaspora.

Each film represents a voice to share important insights and educate others on the Zoroastrian community, and discover common bonds of solidarity. These most importantly, are reflective of the lesser known pieces of knowledge of the community and an endeavour to emerge away from the cliché as has been represented in popular culture.

The Film Festival plans to be held for  two months (April-May) at the India International Centre, New Delhi as part of The Everlasting Flame — a larger exhibition on Zoroastrian heritage and culture .
Questions or submissions to be directed to:  Mahtab Irani –

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