Chikoo festival at Dahanu

As you maybe aware, numerous festivals are celebrated across India on religious grounds; but only a handful commemorating or celebrating places. With this in mind we the natives of Dahanu (in the Northern Konkan) kick started our very own annual festival back in 2013.

Scheduled for the 6th and 7th of February, 2016 (Sat-Sun), The Chikoo Festival highlights all what Dahanu is about- its forested hills, pristine beaches and the world famous Chikoo orchards.  This two day long carnival on Bordi beach will showcase troops of local dancers and will offer workshops in Warli painting, basket weaving, kite making and also snake catching. A flea market selling local produce should spoil visitors with choice while food-stalls offering local delicacies will leave ones taste-buds tingling. Tourists can participate in the local treasure hunt (exploring the town), or opt for a farm safari. They can also party post Sundown at the hill-top Yo-Yo Bash.  Once the weekend ends, Dahanu should see visitors off with baskets of Chikoos, Star-fruits, Grape-Fruits and bucket loads of memories to cherish.

Dahanu-Bordi is located 280 kms from Pune and 150 kms from Mumbai, accessible both by road and rail. Being a non-profit initiative, there is no entry fee however individual activities are chargeable in order to cover costs.  For further details please visit- . The itinerary of the same is annexed with this mail. Looking forward to seeing you and your loved ones.

On behalf of Team Chikoo Fest,

Farzan Mazda.

Co Convener, INTACH Dahanu Chapter.

+91 9673596996.


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