Survey on Decreasing Demographics of Parsi/ Irani/ Zarthustis

Dear Well Wishers of the Community:

Change in not necessary, survival is not mandatory…DEMING.
This survey was done in two parts in January 2016.
Part 1 via hard copy as reported in Paradigm Shift, Survey has the comments in the 50 plus responses received.Top 2 documents.
Part 2 via Survey Monkey received ,100 plus  responses, bottom three files in xls, pdf, ppt.
The data and observations have led to FINDINGS listed in priority in Paradigm Shift and Bar Charts in Survey Monkey .This helps verify and validate the survey.
Normally during Quality Audits we provide FINDINGS based on data and observations to Corporations, Institutions, Not for Profits and Government  Institutions, they  decide and come up with responses for their SURVIVAL within  30 days and in difficult  cases for  FINDINGS within 90 days.
Your views , comments, feedback from you,  is welcome.

We will continue to receive Survey Monkey Input for another month at:

http// for trends if any.
I wish to thank Mr. Rustom Bhopti for setting up Survey Monkey, Mr. Yazdi Tantra for promoting the survey in  India , and the 100’s and tens of community members in the USA and India for filling out the same. I want to thank the Zoroastrian Associations of Chicago and Houston members also for their inputs.
A special thanks to several adults to many to name. Several of them were highly gifted and knowledgeable and exhibited wisdom for their long additional comments and feedback on the surveys. Some were 1 to 4 pages long.
Best regards,
Porus Dadabhoy
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  • Firoz Dara Dosabhai

    I want to say that the decline in our population is because of the irresponsible behavior of the parsi parents of three to four generations. In all other communities, as soon as a boy or girl completes education they make them marry under their guidance,and then look after their welfare till they are settled, then they provoke them to bring children and look after their children and enjoy doing this, whereas our community people feel it a dregry.

  • The attitude of the frozen-in-time traditionalists who want to perpetuate the “Parsipanu” at the cost of Zoroastrianism is sad & sickening. Stagnation breeds mosquitoes of all ills. For Parsis, the end of the line and enfeebling of Zoroastrianism. Please stop being Dog in the manger.

  • Our traditional ways have stood the test of time. It has ensured that we have survived as a distinct community after 1400 years post landing in Sanjan.

    Other tolas (groups) which landed elsewhere were not able to maintain their distinct identity and assimilated into other cultures. Most notably in China where Prince Piroos and his group went (he was son of our last emporer). His sons later married into Chinese nobility and today there is no trace of them.

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