How The Parsis Came To India

The Parsi Story
The video is shot in Secunderabad / Hyderabad
Courtesy: Jehangir Bisney

4 thoughts on “How The Parsis Came To India”

  1. A wonderful video and I am happy my community has assimilated the technologies of the day. It was a wonderful experience and I was moved to tears when I saw Mr Navel Vakil after such a long time and his family. Ms Polly Chenoy has kept her poise and Mr and Mrs K B Antia (the progeny of my Alma Matter Mrs (late) Antia) are as knowledgeable as ever. I can say that I recognized about forty percent of the community in the video and when I happen to hear Ervad Mr Aspi Patel, I could not help remembering his father whose voice and method of delivery of speeches he has certainly inherited.

    The Introduction of Mr Bissney was informative and thought provoking, and I am grateful that but for a few hours I was transposed in my childhood when I remembered them all.

    My community has withstood the sands of time with the greatest of forfeitures and I am sure it will never be found lacing in the times to come.

    As only an observer now, I do not know if it would be in place to besiege AHURA MAZADA that He has and shall always showered His benevolence on my community in the times to come.

  2. It is awonderful effort to be conveyed to all of us please give us more about my religion

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