Looking for Kaikhushro Ratanji Suder

I give below the details of the person which we are looking for :

His name is Mr. Kaikhushro Ratanji Suder from Bombay. In1965 Mr. Suder who has leased property in lonavala to M/s Churiya Builders, who has constructed building called SEREDAL where i am willing to purchase the apartment .

But M/s Churiya builders are not convincing the said property in the name of society. Regarding this we are trying to get in touch with Mr. Kaikhushro Suder.

We tried checking him from lots of different place in Mumbai as well as Lonavala

I hope you will help us to search Mr. Suder’s Cordinates

Awaiting for big help from your side .

Thanks In advance

Mitesh Solanki <mitesh@ruveglobal.com>

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  • Priyadarshan Pradhan

    while you continue to lok for mr. suder you may also use the process of deemed conveyance started by the government of maharashtra

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