Anaheet Gazder is the author and illustrator behind this new beautiful book ABC For Zarathushtis. This is a self-published book put together painstakingly over 6 years.

In an email Anaheet informs us.

“I have worked on writing and illustrating this book for almost 6 years. I have self published 1000 copies for sale in North America. The book is a 32 page softcover, with high quality gloss paper, full color interior and I have set the sale price per book at $15.

An alphabetic introduction to our religion and customs, the book uses the ABCs to cover the important aspects of Zoroastrianism. For eg, J is for Jashan, I is for Iranshah, N is for Navjote, U is for Udwada, W is for Wisdom, Z is for Zarathustra. A mix of Avesta, English, Gujarati is used and I  have used inclusive terminology both for Parsees as well as Irani Zarathushtis.

Pronunciation of words like Nowruz, sudreh pushi (the Iranain equivalent of Navjote), Jashn make the book appeal to all Zoroastrian audiences. “

ABCs_flip book.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro


Below are two sample pages that give you an idea of the book.



You can buy this book online

To find out more, contact Anaheet at

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  • Dear Anaheet,
    I heard about your book when I talked with my friends in California. I have read a few points
    regarding our religion of Asho Zarathushtra.
    If I may introduce the subject of conversion in to the Zoroastrian faith, you may possibly have done some research, among the Kurds, Tajiks and Iranians.
    These three communities are very keen on joining our faith, if you have further information about these three, I would very much like to know about their location, and possible contacts,
    so that I may correspond with them, and they might enlighten me of their views on joining our faith. I would be grateful for your reply, if you please.
    Kind regards,
    Yours sincerely,
    Homi H Shekhdar

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