Zoroastrians in Central Asia

We Zoroastrians in the
Western Diaspora
Have taken for granted
That Zoroastrianism
Is a God Given Right
Regarding the religion
Of Asho Zarathushtra

`Once upon a time
In cities of Central Asia
Afghanistan Khyrgystan Tajikistan
Just to name a few
Out of blue
When conquering hordes
Occupied the land
Forcing to convert
To a different religion
With threats of death
Hanging over their heads
Some relented
Others resisted for they knew
“Faith will see them through

Long ago in these very places
Of Central Asia
Fire temples & Sacred Fires
Were alive with crackling sparks
Leaping up to the highest skies
With sadness in my heart
I hate to say
They are few & far between
‘Cause the Wrecking Ball
Of hatred Racism & Bigotry
Did Zoroastrianism in

They still can’t practice
Their faith openly
In fear living constantly
They have the will power
Alas! Their hands are tied
“Cause they rather not
Practice Zoroastrianism openly
But rather hide
‘Cause they do not
Want Zoroastrianism
To die!


Farida Bam



3 thoughts on “Zoroastrians in Central Asia”

  1. Lord Zorashtra was born near Afghan-Iran border. History reveals the existence of Zorastrianism / Fire-worshippers in this area including Azarbaijan, Russia, Khardistsn, Iraque etc.

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