Uthamna Service now on Whatsapp

Today, we launch our hugely popular Uthamna SMS Service,   on Whatsapp – mainly for those outside India who wish to subscribe.  Just add +91-9892219340 to your contact list and send “Subscribe” to that no. on Whatsapp, and you will start getting Uthamna updates daily. You may Unsubscribe any time by sending “Unsubscribe” to the same no. Please note, only those who have added +91-9892219340 in their Contacts list will receive the Whatsapp messages

If you wish to inform others about an Uthamna in your own area, you may also send the update on the same no.

For those in India who wish to get an SMS, the earlier option to give a missed call to 022 6181 6369 continues.

Currently our Uthamna SMS service is subscribed by more than 4500 persons in India with new subscriptions being added daily.

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  • It’s wonderful that this sensitive service is extended to the community but one must ascertain that the funeral rites were performed exactly in accordance with the tenets of the Mazdayasni Zoroastrian religion, viz Dokhma Nashini or Burial ONLY.

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