Society of Scholars of Zoroastrianism (SSZ) Conference 2016

The Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Chicago (ZAC) has held a SSZ Conference annually for now more than a decade. It has been an enriching experience for presenters and participants alike. There is a mix of presenters both seasoned academicians, educationists or lay scholars and students of Zoroastrianism who study the subject matter and deliver their studies to the participants.

This year the conference will be held on Saturday September 3, 2016 at the Dar-e-Meher in Chicago, 8615 Meadowbrook Drive, Burr Ridge.

The theme will be “Our History” beginning with the pre-Achemenian era to the present times. Several notable scholars — Professor Jamsheed Choksy, Professor Richard Payne and Dr. Daryoush Jahanian will be making presentations alongside our students of Zoroastrianism Khursheed Ichaporia , Sarosh Irani of Detroit and others not yet identified. All are encouraged to attend. Home-stays will be arranged for out of Town participants. Please save the date. A detailed program will be forthcoming shortly.

Contact:  Rayomand Ravji   rayomand.ravji (@)



  • Zoroastrians and the Mazdayasni Zarthushti religion are flourishing joyfully everywhere. Jubilation for our community

  • Jubilation for our community and religion. Triumphant is our future.

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