Census 2011 Parsi demographic decline

Dear Friends, Capture

I have just received the Census results of 2011 and while we expected the 10 percent decline , it is sad to see a 20 percent decline . From 69,401 we are now 57,000 only.

It is for this reason that Parzor had approached the Ministry of Minority Affairs ,many years ago ,for a Scheme to help the Parsi Zoroastrian community from demographic extinction . The Planning Commission had been briefed by us, but it was only  in 2013 that MOMA kindly supported the Jiyo Parsi programme.

We have had , as predicted by ICMR, two thirds of the births of this Programme through Advocacy by efforts ,both of our dedicated team at TISS , Dr Katy Gandevia , Pearl Mistry and Binaifer Sahukar ,as well as the great pro bono ad campaign of Madison BMB which went viral across the world.

To this we add the medical component , led by the totally dedicated Dr Anahita Pandole of Jaslok hospital , the interventions of other caring doctors at the B.D Sarvajainik hospital in Navsari , others in Surat , as well as Hyderabad and several cities . With the help of surrogacy , supported over the limit fixed by MOMA , we have 2 healthy children. The total today is 71 births , with 3 happening recently on a single day in July 2016 .

We , as a country and community , need to help this team and take the Parzor MOMA message to every couple as well as young Zoroastrians . Wherever we have had Workshops , on parenting, child management , grand-parenting , marriage counselling , we have had so many questions and anxieties raised and then resolved , to the best of our teams abilities . This shows that there is a deep psychological change needed in mind sets.

We now have 2 films on Jiyo Parsi , one short for general viewing, and one which touches on delicate and detailed medical issues .  We need Anjumans to invite us for longer sessions where we can work with for several days , in depth with the community .

We have good things happening : couples and only children declaring on video , after seeing the Ads and hearing our Counsellors , that they are determined to break this mindset and have a second child. We have celebrated the first birthdays of our JP children and even a few second birthdays .

But with the Census results out we all have to work much harder and encourage as well as support and help our young to find partners , encourage a balance between personal life fulfilment and successful professional work . Most importantly we must collectively and consciously realise the urgency of taking responsibility to save a precious world heritage from disappearing .

Let us all re commit ourselves to this task so that at the next Census we can look forward to better news and higher numbers.

With best wishes ,
Dr Shernaz Cama
Director, UNESCO Parzor
Parzor Foundation


  • Support the Jiyo Parsi program.

  • DaraS Acidwalla

    Good Morning Yazdi

    Thank you for this very important message from Dr Shernaz Cama.

    i would like to send it out — with / without your permission to my Z-newz readers.

    However, i am confused about the (two) “2 healthy children” bit.

    Are they Pazor and MOMA? Or are they Dedicated Doctors and Pazor-MOMA?

    Shouldn’t they be (foster) parents? i.e. Fosters (used as a noun)?

    Please. please clarify with Dr Shernaz Cama what she meant, by two healty children; at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you.


    With the help of surrogacy, supported over the limit fixed by MOMA, we have 2 healthy children. The total today is 71 births , with 3 happening recently on a single day in July 2016.

  • maharukh b. nariman

    Great work by Parzor and all the initiatives taken by them, including the pro bono ads by Madison!

    The feedback given by Dr Shernaz Cama is very important and we look forward to quarterly or six monthly updates, with regard to the progress made,( however samll is very encouraging)

  • It seems a major problem the Parsi community has is with it’s bi laws. There is a strict faction that refuses to incorporate kids of families where the kids of female Parsi married to a non Parsi, is excluded from the community with refusal to do the ceremony, AND refusal to allow the female into the agyari. I am living proof. Does not make sense to allow the other way around!! The Almighty God does not discriminate, humans do. Also you cannot push couples to have a second child in the interest of preserving the community. The Community leaders need to come together and agree first.

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