2016 Unity Walk

Mark your calendar for Sunday Sep. 11 and Register here to walk with us.
The 2016 Unity Walk is open and free to everyone. Donors who contribute $50 or more will be thanked in Unity Walk promotional material and will receive free merchandise.
Below is a sample of 2016 Unity Walk merchandise with the winning design by Aurash Aidun, a ZAMWI member and Avesta Class alumnus.
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Unity Walk Schedule (Subject to Change):

Walkers are invited to join the walk at anytime along the route.
Walk-in registration, Resource Fair, and Donation Drop-off: 12:30-1:30 pm at Washington Hebrew Congregation, 3935 Macomb St. NW, Washington, DC 20016
Opening ceremony: 1:30pm at Washington Hebrew Congregation
The program will include: Greetings by Rabbi Lustig, Washington Hebrew Congregation, a prayer offered by a priest from the Sikh Gurdarwa DC, and a musical send off by David Shneyer and a group of musicians from Kehila Chadasha.
Open House Block 1: 1:50pm-3pm
Embassy Church
Annunciation Catholic Church
Sikh Gurdwara
National Cathedral of Washington DC
St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral
Open House Block 2: 3pm-4:15pm
Community of Christ Church
Soka Gakkai- USA, Buddhist Cultural Center
St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral
Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See to the United States
Indian Consulate
Closing Ceremony: 4:30pm, The Islamic Center of Washington, DC
The program will include:  Remarks by Rev. Jim Winkler, President of the National Council of Churches, and a performance by Mosaic Harmony, a local interfaith choir.
Additional Activities:
Resource Fair: This is an excellent opportunity to learn about other faith groups from the greater DC area.
Service Projects: 
There will be two service projects at the Unity Walk this year. The first will be at Washington Hebrew Congregation (WHC) between 12:30 and1:30pm.  Together with WHC and Friendship Place, we will be collecting long underwear to help men, women, and children in need in the DC area. We invite all walkers to donate a pair (or more) of long underwear when they arrive at WHC. Sizes XL and larger are best, although all sizes are welcome.
The second will be apple bagging at Annunication Catholic Church. This project is part of an ongoing gleaning program at The Society of St. Andrews in Virginia.
To serve as a volunteer during the day, please email the organizers at: unitywalk@ifcmw.org

Posted by: Farzad Aidun <farzad.aidun ( @ ) gmail.com>


Looking for openings

I am Piruzan Rustomfram, a Parsi from India. I am a graduate of a Grande Ecole and have international work experience across industry sectors of consulting, Web and IT development, Logistics and Human Resource Management. Am presently based in Germany and am looking for career opportunities in the areas of consulting, logistics, project management or IT. I am open to relocating globally for the opportunity.

I enjoy working towards improving processes and using the web as an enabler for process enhancement. My master’s thesis which compliments my interests was based on the concepts of the internet of things (IoT) and the value that information has on inventory management in web enabled supply chains. My thesis gave me an insight in to forecasting, statistical modelling and opportunities that Web enabled platforms can provide for small and medium sized firms. My prior experience in Web and IT consulting proved invaluable in understanding the value chain as well as in translating the results into an impact on revenues. The thesis was well received by my partner institution in Russia.

I am at ease while working in multicultural teams and have been part of consulting projects in France where, two colleagues and I developed a business improvement plan for a luxury fabrics manufacturer with global distribution based out of Paris. Our suggestions covered improvements in operations and business opportunities, which have been implemented by the firm since 2014.

Prior to undertaking a master’s in Europe I was working in India as an Human Resources Business Partner for Azri Solutions, a Web and IT solutions provider. Here I was tasked with managing talent operations to ensure resources were available and adequately skilled for projects. In this capacity I was reporting to the business heads in India and USA.

Having studied and worked in Germany I am fluent not only in German but also in English, Gujarati and Hindi. With regards to Europe I have the necessary work and residence permits for Germany and can relocate within Europe as required on short notice, for other international locations I would need support in understanding the legalities involved in obtaining a work permit there.

Attached for perusal are my resume, degree and letter of reference.

Piruzan Rustomfram


Mobile: +49 176 859 770 87 (Germany)

G-Talk: piruzan

Linkedin: de.linkedin.com/in/piruzan

Resume EN Piruzan AUG 2016 (1)


Zoroastrianism – MOAZOROASA Collection of Articles from the Encyclopædia Iranica

Edited by Mahnaz Moazami
2-volume set
Encyclopaedia Iranica Extracts – EIE
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Just arrived, August 19

Zoroastrian theology, cosmology and cosmogony, history of the faith, its rituals and ceremonies, Avestan and Middle Persian texts, festivals such as Nowruz, Mehregan and Sada, and a host of other topics, hitherto dispersed amidst other entries in their alphabetical sequence in the Encyclopædia Iranica, are gathered together here under one cover. The volume enables the readers to chart their way through complex traditions and debates throughout history, and brings into focus the interdependence of these pioneering contributions. As a thought-provoking and authoritative work of reference, it is a testimony to the fine scholarship and remarkable erudition of its contributors, scholars who have been foremost in ensuring that the Encyclopædia Iranica maintains its high reputation for authoritative comprehensiveness and pioneering research.

Product Details

Publisher: Encyclopaedia Iranica Foundation
Publication date: 2016
Bibliographic info: 2 volumes: Pp. xx + 1090, viii + 1091-2016
Language(s): English
Cover: Cloth
Trim Size: 6 x 9 inches
ISBN: 1-934283-48-7
ISBN13: 978-1-934283-48-6 9781934283486

Loss of Bladder control

Indo-American Society spreads medical awareness on a very common mid-age problem  – Loss of  Bladder control


Indo-American Society organized a Medical  Seminar, inviting Urologist, Dr Percy Chibber as the Speaker on the topic,  “Losing your bladder control- Find Solutions.”

The Convenors for the meeting were Dr G B Parulkar, Chairman, Medical Programs & Healthcare Subcommittee & an eminent  Cardiovascular Surgeon and Dr  Zinobia Madan, Special Invitee, Executive Committee  &  Healthcare entrepreneur & Founder- ClinOma Healthcare.

Loss of bladder control results in Urinary incontinence which is unintentional leakage of urine. Dr Chibber explained the various types of incontinence in a uniquely interesting manner by giving examples in each type. He explained further that urinary incontinence is more common in women than men, the most common causes in both sexes being weak or damaged bladder muscles, overactive bladder muscles, and certain prostate problems. Females generally suffering  from bladder control problems do not seek medical help and avoid consulting  the doctor.

For good bladder control, lifestyle tips such as intake of correct fluids, a diet rich in fibre to avoid constipation  along with avoidance of alcohol, caffeine and carbonated or aerated drinks was advised. Weight control was also advised as  one of the lifestyle measures, as body weight puts extra strain on the pelvic floor muscles.

Treatment of urinary incontinence including behavioral treatments, like bladder training, Kegel exercises/ pelvic floor exercises, medication, surgery or a combination of these therapies were  very well covered. Supporting his view points, Dr  Zinobia Madan added some valuable tips on diet and exercise.

At the start of the  meeting, the President of Indo-American Society, Mr Upendra Sheth  welcomed the Speaker Dr Percy Chibber and the audience present. Further , Dr G B Parulkar  introduced Dr Chibber  as a well acclaimed Intternationally trained Urologist with an  MS degree in Gen Surgery & FCPS with specialized training in Urology at the University of Edinburgh Department of Urology and Renal                   Transplantation at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh,  training in percutaneous Renal Surgery and Radiology at the Institute of Urology : the St Peter’s and Paul’s Hospitals, London and at the Long Island Jewish Hospital, New York.

Dr Chibber is currently Director of Urology and Renal Transplantation at the Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Bombay. He also holds the coveted position “President of the Urological Society of India” for the current  year.

During the Panel discussion convened by both Panelists, Dr Zinobia Madan  and Dr G B Parulkar, many important queries raised by the audience were clarified. The Meeting was well attended by members of public as well as Senior Members  of the Indo-American Society.
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Pride of Pakistan : Bapsi Sidhwa


A writer par excellence, with some of the most well-read and award-winning books to her credit, Bapsi Sidhwa has indeed done the country proud. Over her decades-long career, she has inspired myriads of women to make use of the pen and put their thoughts and stories to paper. She is a strong and a true representation of art meeting creativity. Bapsi Sidhwa is not just a writer, but a learned scholar as well as a leading lecturer. She is a regular panellist at university seminars and literary festivals and educates and motivates students to excel in life, read good literature and take inspiration from biopics. Bapsi’s enthusiasm and drive to write has not withered over time and is still marked as a beacon of talent and outstanding art. The brilliance of her writings has won her critical acclaim, not just in her home country but abroad as well. She has many prestigious laurels and eminent awards to her credit and has rubbed shoulders with some of the most outstanding writers during such ceremonies. Her contribution towards literature cannot go ignored. What a star!

Bapsi is a Pakistani novelist who writes in English and is a resident in the United States of America.

She is best known for her collaborative work with Indo-Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta. Bapsi wrote both the 1991 novel Ice Candy Man which served as the basis for Deepa Mehta’s 1998 film ‘Earth’ as well as the 2006 novel Water – A Novel which is based upon Mehta’s 2005 film ‘Water’.

Bapsi was born to Parsi Zoroastrian parents Peshotan and Tehmina Bhandara in Karachi and later moved with her family to Lahore. She was two when she contracted polio (which has affected her throughout her life) and nine in 1947 at the time of Partition (facts which would shape the character Lenny in her novel Ice Candy Man as well as the background for her novel). She received her BA from Kinnaird College for Women in Lahore in 1957.


“I feel if there’s one little thing I could do, it’s to make people realise we are not worthless. Because we inhabit a country which is seen by Western eye as primitive and fundamentalist only. I mean, we are a rich mixture of all sorts of forces as well, and our lives are very much worth living”


She married at the age of 19 and moved to Mumbai for five years before she divorced and remarried in Lahore with her present husband Noshir who is also Zoroastrian. She had three children in Pakistan before beginning her career as an author. One of her children is Mohur Sidhwa, who is a candidate for state representative in Arizona.

She currently resides in Houston, US. She describes herself as a “Punjabi-Parsi-Pakistani”.

In an online interview to her Pakistani friend, Sadia Rahman, in August 2012 she said, “Feroza is closest to me and my views” about the identity issues of Pakistani Parsi immigrants to the US, their life-styles and their culture.

She has previously taught at the University of Houston, Rice University, Columbia University, Mount Holyoke College, and Brandeis University.




Inspiration for the Big Screen

Novelist Bapsi Sidhwa is best known for her collaborative work with Deepa Mehta. Bapsi Sidhwa wrote both the 1991 novel Ice Candy Man which served as the basis for Deepa Mehta’s film ‘Earth’ as well as the 2006 novel Water – A Novel which is based upon Mehta’s 2005 film Water.


A Leading Scholar

Sidhwa is a proud recipient of the Bunting Fellowship at Radcliffe/Harvard, she is the Visiting Scholar at the Rockefeller Foundation Centre, Bellagio, Italy, and has also been inducted in the Zoroastrian Hall of Fame.


Raking In the Awards

Sidhwa has been awarded with the Sitara-i-Imtiaz, (1991, Pakistan’s highest national honour in the arts) the Lila Wallace Reader’s Digest Writer’s Award and also hold the Premio Mondello for Foreign Authors for Water.

Cowasjee’s noble cause still prevails

Almost 150 yrs later, Cowasjee’s noble cause still prevails

The heritage structure stands, elegant and serene, despite the everyday mundaneness of the discount sales and exhibitions hosted in the hall. Express Photo by Nirmal Harindran
The heritage structure stands, elegant and serene, despite the everyday mundaneness of the discount sales and exhibitions hosted in the hall. Express Photo by Nirmal Harindran

ON the evening of September 22, 1852, a number of friends and admirers of the late businessman and philanthropist Framjee Cowasjee convened for a meeting in Mumbai. The Framjee Cowasjee Testimonial — as that gathering was called — had collected a sizeable fund after Cowasjee’s death, and met to discuss a suitable memorial to erect in his name.

“This is the first instance that has been known in which persons of the classes and denominations, of both natives and Europeans, have come forward to raise posthumous testimonial in honour of a native of this presidency,” announced P LeGreyt who was chairing the testimonial, terming it an “extraordinary occasion”.

Having been instrumental in the formation and success of the Elphinstone College, Cowasjee was also a long-time benefactor of the student’s Literary and Scientific Society (LSS). His first contribution was a number of lamps when he heard that they needed those for their meetings, and henceforth, he took an interest in all their proceedings.

In memory of Cowasjee’s efforts to extend education in society, it was decided that the funds be used to construct a memorial institute to further Cowasjee’s very ideals.

The result was an institute and a museum in collaboration with the LSS of Elphinstone College. The institute would house a lecture room, a laboratory, a museum of arts and industry, a library, and would be called the Framjee Cowasjee Institute.

Almost 150 years later, the institute still houses the library, the administration of which has now been handed over to the Wadia Trust. The library is still availed of by students at no cost, as was wished by Cowasjee himself.

Says Pervez Jokhi, the administrator of the institute for the last five years, said, “The institute earns from the leasing of its auditorium and hall on the ground floor, and the renting of parking space in its courtyard. The amount is meagre, but we run a tight ship and make do.”

The heritage structure now stands, elegant and serene, despite the everyday mundaneness of the discount sales and exhibitions hosted in the hall.

The institute’s records also show what hurdles were overcome in the construction of the structure.

While a committee was formed after the testimonial, what followed was years of going back and forth with the government and the Framjee Cowasjee Institute committee unable to decide on the proposed land and funding for construction.

In 1857, the committee had accepted a plot of land on the south-west corner of the Framjee Cowasjee Tank, that bordered what was then the Esplanade, acres of undivided rolling greens that are today the Oval Maidan, the Azad Maidan and various structures, including the Metro Cinema. The tank was possibly one of Mumbai’s oldest, built in the late 1700s or early 1800s when a drinking water crisis hit Bombay.

The site was agreed upon, but a further dispute arose over the presence of a bullock-shed on the edge of the premises. That and other obstructing structures had to be removed and eventually, nine years from the date of the original proposal, the foundation stone for the Framjee Cowasjee Institute was laid in February 1862.

There is no trace of the tank any more, though a nearby well remains a popular point for water tankers to refill.


In life faced with uncertainty

In darkness we tend to grope

Suddenly gripped with fear
As though there is no Hope

From somewhere within us

A little voice seems to say

“Do not worry your fears

Will melt away

Hearing this voice

We cling onto hope

For dear life

‘Cause we had faith

Life is like a weighing scale

Sometimes we succeed
Inspite of shedding blood

Sweat tears

We tend to fail

Within us a little voice

Seems to whisper:

“Please do not give up

You will overcome

If you have faith




Free Schooling for deserving Parsi Children

The management of S M Batha High School, Panchgani has decided to admit Parsi Zoroastrian deserving children free of charge. They will provide boarding lodging, uniform, books and even extra coaching in academic and train them in different sports.
Admission in all classes from junior K G to std X.
Contact details: 9820262632 or 02223686325

Medical Aid for the needy

🙏 If Any one needs MEDICAL FINANCIAL HELP contact following trusts…ma

🙏Sir Ratan Tata Trust Bombay House, Homi Mody Street, Mumbai 400 001 Call: 022-66658282

🙏Reliance Foundation (Previously Ambani Public Charitable Trust) 222 Maker Chambers IV, 3rd Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021 Call: 022-44770000, 022-30325000

🙏Amirilal Ghelabhai Charitable Trust 71, Gitanjali, 73 / 75, Walkeshwar Road, Mumbai – 400006

🙏Asha Kiran Charitable Trust C/o Radium Keysoft Solutions Ltd, Call: 022-26358290 101, Raigad Darshan, Opposite Indian oil Colony J.P. Road, Andheri (w) Mumbai 400 053

🙏Aspee Charitable Trust C/o Americal Spring and Pressing Works Pvt. Ltd P.O. Box No. 7602, Adarsha Housing Soc. Road, Malad (w), Mumbai 400 064 ,

🙏Aured Charitable Trust 1-B-1 Giriraj, Altamount Road Mumbai 400 026, Call: 022-23821452, 022-24926721

🙏B. Arunkumar & Co. 1616, Prasad Chambers, Opera House, Mumbai – 400004

🙏B D Bangur Trust C/o Carbon Everflow Ltd. Bakhawar, 2nd Floor, Nariman Point Mumbai 400021

🙏Bombay Community Public Trust (BCPT) 5th Floor Regent Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021, Call: 022-22845928 / 022-22836672

🙏Burhani Foundation 276 Dr. D. N. Road Lawrence & Mayo House Fort Mumbai-400001

🙏Century Seva Trust Century Bazar, Worli, Mumbai – 400025

🙏Centre for Research & Development Shreyas Chambers,Ground Floor, 175-Dr. D.N. Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001

🙏Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Government of Maharashtra Mantralaya, 6th Floor Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400020

🙏Damodar Anandji Charity Trust 66, Vaju Kotak Marg, Near G.P.O, Mumbai -400001

🙏Diamond Jubliee Trust Aga hall, Nesbit Road, Opp. St. Mary’s High School Mumbai 400010, Call: 022-23775294, 022-23778923

🙏Dharma Vijay Trust C/O Kilachand Devchand & Co. New Great Insurance Bldg., 7, Jamshedji Tata Road, Mumbai – 400020

🙏Dharamdas Trikamdas Kapoorwala 46, Ridge Road, Rekha No.2, 4th Floor, Mumbai – 400006

🙏Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation Reliance Industries Limited Reliance Centre, 19, Walchand Hirachand Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400 038. Tel : 022-30327000

🙏Dhirajlal Talkchand Charitable Trust Shailesh Niwas, Subhash Lane Daftary Road, Malad (E), Mumbai – 400097

🙏Dhirajlal Morarji Ajmera Charity Trust 37 – A, Sarang Street, Mumbai – 400003

🙏Dipchand Gardi Charitable Trust Usha Kiran, 2nd Floor, Altamount Road, Mumbai – 400006

🙏Divaliben Mohanlal Charitable Trust Khatau Mansion, 1st Floor, 95-K. Omer Park, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai 400 026

🙏Ekta Charitable Trust 4/444, PanchRatna, Opera House, Mumbai -400004

🙏Eskay Charitable Trust C/O Caprihans India Ltd., Shivsagar Estate, ‘D’ Block, 2nd Floor, Dr. A. B. Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400018

🙏Excel Process Pvt. Ltd. Charitable Trust 117 / 118, Mathurdas Vasanji Road, Chakala, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400093

🙏Fazalbhoy Charitable Trust Near Liberty Cinema, Marine Lines, Mumbai -400020

🙏Gala Foundation Behind Vakola Municipal Market, Nehru Road, Vakola, Santacruz(E) Mumbai

🙏Garware Foundation Trust Chowpatty Chambers, Mumbai – 400007

🙏Gokak Foundation Forbes Bldg., Forbes Street, Mumbai – 400023

🙏Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd. (Trust) Nerolac House, A. G. Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013

🙏Govind Dattatraya Gokhale Charitable Trust Kalpataru Heritage, 5th Floor, 129, M.G. Road Mumbai 400 023, Call: 022-22673831

🙏Harendra Dave Memorial Trust C/O Janmabhoomi, 3rd Floor, Janmbhoomi Marg Mumbai 400 001

🙏Helping Hand Charitable Trust 3, Vidarbha Samrat Co-op Hsg. Society 93-c, V.P.Road, Vile Parle (West) Mumbai – 400 056 Tel: 022-6147448

🙏Hiranandani Foundation Charitable Trust Olympia, Central Avenue, Hiranandani Business Park Powai, Mumbai 400076
🙏Herdillia Charitable Foundation Air India Building, 13th Floor Nariman Point Mumbai 400 031, Call: 022-22024224

🙏Hirachand Govardhandas 222, Maker Chambers 1V 3rd Floor, Nariman Point Mumbai 400 021

🙏H. M. Mehta Charity Trust Mehta House, 4 th Floor, Apollo Street, Khushru Dubhash Marg, Mumbai – 400001

🙏H. S. C. Trust Ready Money Mansion, Veer Nariman Road, Mumbai – 400023

🙏Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation Bajaj Bhavan 2nd Floor, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, 226 Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021, Call: 022-22023626

🙏Shree Siddhivinayak Temple Trust Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400 028, Tel. 022-24373626 : Medical Ad Form is available on the Web.
Please see their Web site for details.

2016 Society of Scholars of Zoroastrianism (SSZ) Conference

Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Chicago
(Supported by Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America, FEZANA
and World Zoroastrian Organization, WZO)

proudly hosts

2016 Society of Scholars of Zoroastrianism (SSZ) Conference
“Zoroastrian History: Pre-Achaemenian Times to the Present Day”


Arbab Rustom Guiv Dar-e-Mehr, 8615 Meadowbrook Drive, Burr Ridge, IL 60527,


Saturday September 3, 2016

9:00 am            Registration and Breakfast

9:20 to 12:30    Morning SessionPre-Nihavand HistoryChair Eric Elavia

Pre-Achaemenian, Achaemenian, Seleucid, Parthian and Sasanian
 by our next generation speakers: Sarosh Irani, Khursheed Ichaporia,
Persis Driver, Kamal Saher,
and Er. Rayomand Ravji/Afshan Barshan

 “Zoroastrianism and Empire in Late Antiquity”
Prof. Richard Payne (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)

12:30 to 1:30    Luncheon
“Ancient Sogdiana, a ‘Zoroastrian Stronghold:’ a Modern Overview”
Kersi Shroff

1:30 to 5:00      Afternoon Session — Post-Nihavand History. Chair Dastoor Kersey Antia

“Zoroastrian History after the Arab Invasion”Dr. Daryoush Jahanian

“History of the Parsees in the Sub-continent” (via Skype)
Dr. Dinyar Patel, University of South Carolina

“Concept of Friendship in Ancient Iran”
– Keynote address by Prof. Jamsheed Choksy, Indiana University

5:00 to 5:30      Arbab Rustam Guiv Dar-e-Mehr 33rd Anniversary Benediction
Dastoor Kersey Antia

5:30 pm            Networking with hors-d’oeuvres and drinks.

Sunday September 4, 2016

9:00 to 12:00    Visit to Oriental Institute, Chicago

12:30 pm          Farvardian Jashan followed by lunch at the Dar-e-Mehr hosted by
Katy and Kersi Bhathena and Dinaz and Ken Weber.

All community members, students and scholars are invited and encouraged to participate.

Registration.  Suggested donation is $10.  Breakfast, lunch and tea will be provided.  Please RSVP by August 27, 2016 to Dinaz Weber (630-830 3430, kenanddina @yahoo.com or Roshan Rivetna (630-340 8272,RRRivetna@aol.com).  For program information contact Rohinton Rivetna (630-325 5383, Rivetna@ aol.com) or Rayomand Ravji (630-589 6631, rayomand.ravji@gmail.com). Visit www.s-s-z.org.

unnamed (1)

The Society of Scholars of Zoroastrianism (SSZ) is an initiative to promote study and scholarship of the religion of Zarathushtra.  The mission of the Society is to revive the tradition of scholarship within our community and to promote interaction among academicians, theologians (priests), educationists, students, lay scholars and practitioners of Zoroastrianism, especially our Next-Generation.