When Two Worlds Collide

What happens when
Two worlds collide?

The power of the Pen

Along with Power of Prayers

They go hand in hand

As they cannot do

Without the other


Good Thoughts (Prayers)
Good Words (Written or oral)

When in unison

Bring about Good Deeds


Answers to one’s prayers

May succeed or fail

Written or oral words

May just do the samw

So be extra careful

How one Plays the Game

From one’s thoughts Words

Deeds one may run

But can never hide

That’s what happens

When two worlds collide


When in the end

As my life starts

To ebb away

My powerful Prayers

Will be there with me

Till Judgement Day





  • As usual, Farida surpasses her earlier poem. Keep excelling, Farida

  • Thank you for your feed back. as well your support.

    Choicest Happiness


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