Help with Trend Magazine

My name is Shweta and I am researching on a documentary which aims to cover topics related to women’s health as covered by magazines over the decades.
In this concern I have been trying to locate copies of ‘Trend’ magazine.
The editor of this magazine was Frene Talyarkhan a noted journalist of her time. She is believed to be the first women editor in India and the magazine itself was the first picture magazine.
I have contacted all the libraries in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkatta and they don’t have a copy of the same. I was hoping if you could connect me with someone from the Parsi community who could possibly have collected a copy of this magazine or have it in their personal collection or library.
For your reference, I have attached a scan of the front page of the magazine
I would be grateful for any help that you could extend. Looking forward to your kind reply.
Thanking you.
Shweta Chavan


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