• Jamshid Karbahari

    In 1950 to 1960 when I was 7 to 19 years old, I heard the song “Papdibai per pusand thaee ne papeta e kidha lagan.ane teni jaan ma bija fal ne tarkari maheman terike avia hata tena per jodeloo mithoo madhuru paree gujarati geet. After that time this song disappeared.I had no idea who produced and sung.Once in canada in parsee function I sung that first two sentences.If this same song by jamshed kotwal than I would like to purchase this cd.

  • Yasmin j Siganporia

    This song abt papri papetana lagan was prod n sung by phiroze bhagalia my father.

  • I am interested in the following old Parsi songs if somebody can oblige.

    1- mama re mari mami ne marta na
    2- ek pila nee larai
    3- aavija Sushila ghaatan
    4- kaka Kalingar jeva
    5- paapri papeta na Lagan
    6- I love maaja kolmicha paatiya.

    • I am intrested in song sung by Phiroz Bhagalya. Example “Naju hatu enu nam Nargol hatu enu gam” and many others, were published by HMv.

  • Please share the Famous Parsi song “Nabeeona Nabee ammar Asho Zarthost Paigambar “. It is one of my favourites.

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