Toiling away from
Sunrise to setting of sun
Making sure this
Magazine is read
By each & everyone
As it is dedicated
Our Religion
Interesting articles
With different shades
Of views
After reading one
May agree or disagree
The opinion is yours to choose.
Scholars Priets as well laics
Have contributed to Parsiana
But, I must say it stands by
It’s Principle of Equality
Tolerance Respect
of all of Humankind
As preached by
Asho Zarathushtra
It has not cowered nor folded
Because of non believers
It has chugged on and
Chugging on even
After so many years!

Thank you for your
Service to the Zoroastrian Community
By keeping the Flame of Parsiana alive
The pride I feel of being a Zoroastrian
After reading the Parsiana
I just simply cannot hide.
Sept 16th 2016

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