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As reported in Iran’s Amordad News of September 3, 2016 and an incident captured in a video, there has been an incident of defacement of a Fravahar symbol by a mullah in a from the wall of the Town Hall in the city of YAZD.  Iranian Zarathushtis (Zoroastrians) are collecting at least 10,000 signatures on their on-line petition to be submitted to the Iranian government to stop this kind of action.  I was informed about this by an Iranian Zarathushti who is in contact with fellow Zarathushtis in Iran.

Please visit   to see the on-line petition and add your name on it.

The government of Iran is sympathetic to it, and would like the request to come from Zoroastrians.
With the president of Iran in New York, we need to collect  as many signatures as possible and I urge you to do so personally  and disseminate to your network

I have signed the petition.   Please visit the website and check it out for  yourself

Please forward this to your family and friends after you have signed it.


Maneck Bhujwala

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