New and Born Zarathushtis

Please See this clip although its in Persian.
In Sulemanai in Iraq there is an ancient fire temple
Now the Kurds have government approval to build a few new ones. They are also planning to build one in Arbil, Karuk and also other towns in Kurdistan. A bill is being introduced in the Kurdistan parliament that children up to the age of 15 should not be introduced to any religion and later allowed to chose their own.  (This is already the  law in Tajikistan ) There are about 100 thousand Zarathushtis in Kurdistan and growing.
 Since we have not embraced them and taught them our ways they are developing their own.  Growing fast they are on the way to being a majority, naturally their ways will then dominate.
While the born (God made) Zarathushtis of BPP have their street fights.
Fariborz Rahnamoon <>


  • This is very interesting indeed, and a teachable moment for the Indian Parsi community. We need to learn from this example. I am sure we will read a lot of nonsensical responses to this post from the custodians of Parsi property trusts, who incorrectly believe that in that capacity they are also the custodians of the Zarathushti faith in India.

  • Very,very true Yezdyar,I fully endorse the statement. It’s about time that Him find must rise and shine in the light of Ahuramazda..

  • Good! This is excellent news deekras! At long last good things are happening for the community! And onions to the BPP! They and their ilk are finally getting their just deserts! Perhaps even Kurdistan will be Zorostrian!

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