Lesson 8 – Sarosh Baaj

E-Course on Zarathushti Religion

Lesson – Sarosh Baaj

I hope that you have grasped and internalized the previous prayer lessons. Trust that you must now be reciting your prayers slowly and with proper understanding of what they mean.

When I recite my prayers regularly and with full understanding, it reinforces my intellect, vigor and moral stamina to do the right things in my daily life. By saying my prayers with full understanding, I achieve a complete and harmonious assembly of body, mind and spirit. This gives me my unshakable strength and faith in Ahura Mazda. It is through prayers that I can attain the fullest development of my personality — the ultimate integration of my highest faculties.

Having completed the Kushti prayers, we now move on to understand the very important concept of Sarosh in the Sarosh Baaj prayer. The concept of Sarosh is so important in our religion that, the Sarosh Baaj prayer is mandated to be recited immediately after Kushti prayers and before reciting any other prayers.

We will learn about the interaction between Urvan, our soul and Fravashi, the part of God that is within us, which can guide us on the right path in our day to day life. As God has given Urvan the Freedom of Choice to choose to be good or bad, the Fravashi will not interfere with the choice made by the Urvan. It is up to our Urvan to constantly seek the advice of the Fravashi, listen to the Fravashi’s advice and choose to follow it. This will help our Urvan to attain Khordaad – Perfection, the goal of our life.

Here is a link to the eighth lesson,

Sarosh Baaj


With best wishes for an enlightened community,

Kayomarsh P. Mehta

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