Lesson 11- Short Jasa Mey Avanghey Mazda

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Lesson – Short Jasa Mey Avanghey Mazda

In the prior Ahmaai Raeshcha and Hazangarem prayers, I ask for blessings from Ahura Mazda. I do not ask for these blessings for myself. I seek them for that person who has dedicated his/her life for the good of others. This is to impress upon our mind, that to qualify and earn all these blessings, I need to live a dedicated life for the good of others.

In this prayer, I ask for Ahura Mazda’s help. Oh Mazda! Come to my help! Help me to become conscious of the following eight concepts. By offering this prayer, I become conscious of these facts of life, which then help me in the progress of my life.

Our prayers contain various aspects. The most important of these are devotion to Ahura Mazda and the spiritual and ethical laws of righteous living. What we affirm in our daily prayers must be confirmed in our daily life and in our actions.

When I recite my prayers regularly and with full understanding, it reinforces my intellect, vigor and moral stamina to do the right things in my daily life. By saying my prayers with full understanding, I achieve a complete and harmonious assembly of body, mind and spirit. This gives me my unshakable strength and faith in Ahura Mazda. It is through prayers that I can attain the fullest development of my personality — the ultimate integration of my highest faculties.

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Short Jasa Mey Avanghey Mazda


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