Sharing and Caring – Perpetuating a Zarathushti Tradition



As FEZANA enters its 30th anniversary, and migrants grow roots in the North American continent and establish a unique new identity for themselves in our new western Zarathushti diaspora, traditions are forming.

Harkening back to our countries of origin, to celebrate the New Year and the coming of Spring on March 21st (Jamshedi Navroz) we are suggesting that we tell our friends and neighbors who we are by sharing a snippet of our culture, and reviving the tradition of giving them a gift of ‘mithu mohnu’ – any sweet dish.


We suggest we make something sweet (shirini) for six or more of our neighbors, gift-wrap it nicely, include a little write up (available from us upon request) in your gift box/plate/basket and deliver it personally to them on or the day before Jamshedi Navroz.

captureSuggestions for ‘mithoo mohnu’ include: khatai, ravo, badam pak, sev, dahi, mava cake, kumas, parsi custard, mava ni boi, dar ni pori, badam-ni-boi , jalebi, rabri, or any other traditional sweet dish. Iranian traditions for NowRuz, include shirini (sweets) and nuts, for the Haft Sheen table: Komach Sen , Ghahveh Badam, Aajeel , Nan-nokhodchi, Baghlava , Noghol, Noon- Berenji, Toot (mulberry marzipan —see photo at left), Sohan Asli , Louz (1). If you don’t like to cook feel free to order it. Just ensure it is good stuff and authentic.

Try to chat about this project with your friends. It does not have to cost you the moon, the idea really is to share this simple tradition with your neighbors.

We got an email from Vera Springett sharing her idea of what she plans to do for her ”care and share”.

Vera says: “I’ll be making ravo and putting it in mason jars for the neighbors. Each mason jar will contain layers of ravo, then a mix of fried almonds and golden raisins, and so on till the top. I think it will look pretty and make it fun to eat. Maybe I’ll provide a spoon too. Let’s see. I’ll tie the write-up around the lid.”

capture1For shipping to addresses in the USA, you may wish to consider ordering ‘badam-ni-boi’ (fish-shaped almond-marzipan) from Roshan Rivetna of Chicago area (, 630-340 8272).

For shipping to addresses in Canada, please contact: Niloufer Mavalvala of Greater Toronto Area, Author and Founder,,, M: +1 416 301 9959

We would love to hear back from you, particularly from the Zarathushtis from Iran who are an integral part of the North American diaspora, with creative ideas and suggestions as we travel together on this fun journey and celebrate life.

With all good wishes for Sadeh!


Behram Pastakia

Information Receiving and Dissemination Committee of FEZANA

(1) Reference: Traditional Zarathushti Recipe Book from Iran, shared with participants of the North American Zoroastrian Congress, Rye, New York

Coordinator: Shireen Khosravi, President, Iranian Zoroastrian Association, New York.

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