Firoz Dastur – Raag Saraswati

Firoz Dastur

Firoz Dastur (1919-2008), a representative of the Kirana gharana and disciple of Sawai Gandharva, sings a composition in Jhaptaal, a cycle of 10 matras or time units.

The composition above reflects the mental state of the musician who wishes to swim across the boundless ocean of sound. Dastur presents his vistaar or melodic elaboration in a gradual manner, using the words of the song-text reaching up to the Pancham or the fifth note in the upper octave. Later, he uses solfège and also intersperses sections of rhythmic interplay. He chooses to employ gamaks or oscillations on notes in his taans or fast melodic sections.

The second composition is set to the 16-matra Teentaal. It is an invocation to goddess Saraswati, also called Sharada, seeking a boon of swar (symbolising music) from her.

He is accompanied on the tabla by DR Nerurkar and on the harmonium by Vasant Shejwadkar.

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