Marzban Giara’s new book – contributions invited

captureMarzban Giara has authored The Contribution of The Parsee Community During World War I 91914-1918) published in March 2016.

He is preparing his next book on the Contribution of Parsee Community in the defence services from 1919 to 2017. He needs life sketches and a passport size photo preferably in uniform of those Parsis who served in the armed forces, police, fire brigade as also those who helped in times of war and peace with resources, funds, volunteering. The information can be provided in about 250 words giving full name, date of birth, date of joining, date of resignation/retirement/death, rank, areas served, war experience, military service, awards received, IC no.

He would prefer to receive by e-mail: by 15th March 2017. Those who do not use e-mail may send the information and photo by post/courier to Marzban J. Giara, WZO Senior Citizens Centre, Pinjara Street, Malesar, Navsari, Gujarat. Pin 396445 India.

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