Now Ruz Khjojasteh Baad – Let’s Revive the Now Ruz Table





based on the Gathas

Nov Rooz Table 

is the symbolic renewal of the vow to to follow the laws derived from Nature

as enumerated in the Gathas 

Truly, the Asha (Ultimate Truth) derived 

By the Good Mind 1

Never before known 

Among the wise and all creation 

With it, make Good Rules 3  and never waning

Increasing Righteousness 4

Leading us towards Perfection 5 

Zarathushtra – Gatha -Yasna Ha 28.3 (FR)

And those who are righteous are so because of 

Good deeds and use of the wisdom of the mind 

In righteous way, in tune with Wisdom in Existence 

Their aim achieved as desired

And those assuredly are pleased (whose) result

Are known to be righteous, faithful, praise worthy  6

Zarathushtra – Gatha – Yasna HA 28.10 (FR)

1- BAH MAN – Good Mind– Use your Good Mind to inquire and learn the 

2- ARDIBESHT – Ultimate Truth- the Laws of Nature- Use them to make 

3- SHAHRIVAR- Good Rules – Good Laws- Good Products – Which will lead to 

4- ESFAND- Lawful Desire – Righteousness – that will pave the way toward

5- KHORDAD- Perfection – Mental, Physical and Spiritual – which will lead to 

6- AMORDAD- Immortality –(a) In Death being remembered for your good work for generations 

                                                     (b) In Life by losing the fear of Death –resulting in oneness with 

7- AHURA-MAZDA – The Creator of Wisdom – Khod Ah through Self Realization- KHOD = Self AH = to come.

No more need for camouflage,

the Free World is changing

People are Self Converting 


Morgan Freeman 

has realized he is a


time to call a Spade a Spade 

Haft Seen 

S stands for SPENTA (Laws)

7 AMESHA SPENTA (7 Eternal Laws)

for MORE




to you, friends,family & Humanity

Fariborz Rahnamoon & Family




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