What an absolute prodigy we have on the show today… 20 years old and taking on the might of Uber! We’re not dealing with your average guy here. Zeryab Cheema has been an entrepreneur since the age of 15, building up an app called Taxi 24/7 which was adopted by over 20,000 black cabs in London.

Not content with that, Zeryab has set his sights on Uber by creating Hop: an ingenious concept that absolutely epitomizes the potential of the sharing economy. Read on for some more info about it:

  • 100% of a customer’s fare goes to the drivers
  • Drivers receive a base payment of 300 AUD per day just for being on the road
  • Drivers rent their vehicles from Hertz
  • The ambition is to get to a point where drivers can tap a card on a car parked in the street and start using it
  • Raised capital last year, about to close 2nd round of capital
  • There are currently six full-time staff in Hop team, 4-6 contractors/promotional staff and 3 board members, including a former winner of the Australian Apprentice
  • He intends to trade in other countries using other global partners
  • He’s never written a business plan in words – he just uses numbers

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