Pen may be mightier

Than the sword

The “Holy Word”

Is very powerful potent

Of them all!

Everyone has the same eyes

But no one has the same view!

“The sovereignity is not good

Let there be one sovereign one king”


Zoroastrianism is like

An open flower

Whose Pristine Message

Get pollinated the world over

Power of prayers are

Like true friends

Who come to find

You in dark places and

Lead you back to life

“Never design your garden

Where every one can walk

Design your character

Like the sky wher every one

Can reach- Gautama Bhuddha

Sometimes the best thing

One can do is not think,not wonder

Not stress,not obssess

Just breathe & have Faith

Everything will out fine

I leave you with this thought:
Thinking is difficult that’s why

Most people Judge
(Ain’t it true)?


May 16th 2017

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