• Re: “Keepers of the Flame”

    Do not intend to leave a negative reply but this Flame will soon be extinguished. and some of you are too Blame
    Ain’t it true

  • I met JRD at Birla Maturshi Auditorium as a child as I wore my regular clothes to an evening function with my parents. As I entered my mom commented “why did you wear these simple clothes and not the fine ones I had left on the bed”. I walked to a man dressed like me and I said this man is dressed like me as I reached for his sleeve.He looked at my mom and said politely “what is wrong with our dress” . My mother was very silent all evening during the program. Later I learnt that this man who came to my rescue was none other than JRD Tata.
    JRD has always been my inspiration to helping and giving back to India. I had an aunt who was also a Tata and all through out her life she frugally lived in spite of her wealth, she never drank, smoked, or used a foul word. Yes, they were both Keepers of the Flame. To this day even after her departure I get mailed to me a bi weekly of the stories of the People of the Flame from Mumbai.

    • Point well taken but there is a teeny weeny flaw.

      Why did not the Parsees (Keepers of the Flame) stop the govt from taking over Air India?

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