Hong Kong’s Parsi Stamp

Hong Kong’s Parsi stamp The fourth set of special stamps in the “Hong Kong Museums Collection” series issued by the Hongkong Post in December 2016 included “Zoroastrian Church, Causeway Bay” (pictured). Brought to our attention by Parsiana subscriber David Brock of Oregon, the HK $5 stamp is among the seven pencil drawings by Kong Kai-Ming. As detailed in Philatelic Link, the newsletter of the Hongkong Post Stamps, the Zoroastrian Church drawing was done in 1986, with three others, Airport Tunnel, Hung Horn; Kwun Tong MTR Station; and Wan Chai Tram Depot done in 1989; Argyle Street, Mong Kok in 1990, and CantonRoad and Stamp Sheetlet—Aberdeen in 1991. “Intaglio printing  (where the design is cut, scratched or etched into the printing surface with ink is supplied from below the surface of the plate) is used to highlight the meticulous detail of the original work,” states the newsletter.

A self taught artist, 85-year-old Kong  is known to be conversant with a wide range of mediums such as fountain pen and pencil sketching, watercolor, oil paint and printmaking, Having captured “numerous streetscapes, pieces of architecture and means of transport in Hong Kong in the finest detail, his compositions are not only works of art, but also records showing what Hong Kong looked like in the past,” notes Philatelic Link.

Courtesy : Parsiana, June 21 2017

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