Papeta Par Eedu

Meet Eedu. Eedu is delicious. Eedu mixes with everyone – potatoes, tomatoes, salli. Eedu understands. Eedu is not pricey. Be like Eedu.
Or try eating one.

We did, by ordered wholesome Papeta Par Eedu and other Parsi dishes from Billimoria’s Ghernu Bhonu. The month-old delivery service in Versova has a small sit-down space, and delivers across the city. We placed an order a day in advance (necessary for certain dishes) and awaited our Parsi feast.

Papeta Par Eedu (Rs 175), the traditional egg dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, is made simply with potatoes, tomatoes and spices. The version we received looked like a pancake gone wrong. But it made up in taste what it lacked in appearance – the spicy dish had a fried egg over a layer of potato, which had a nice char at the edges, and a tangy tomato sauce.

Mutton Dhansak Chawal
Mutton Dhansak Chawal

It was not surprising then that our other favourite dish from the meal also had egg. The Egg Pulao (Rs 350) had fluffy brown rice with lots of veggies (carrots, French beans) thrown in, and on top, lay two soft boiled eggs. We loved the hint of sweetness in the rice and the crunch from the vegetables, making for a wholesome dish that reminded us of Chindian fried rice.

The lady behind the food is Zenia Billimoria, and the design of her menu is much fun. There are pictures of the food, an illustration of the mind of a Bawa (filled with food), the definition of a Parsi peg, the above mentioned couplet on Eedu, and other fun facts about the community.

The menu offers snacks, pulao, Curry Chawal, Dhansak Chawal and a thali (Lagan Nu Patru). We opted for a mix of dishes both familiar and unfamiliar to us.

Egg Pulao
Egg Pulao

The Mutton Dhansak Chawal (Rs 450) had fragrant brown rice and creamy dhansak topped with a heap of coriander. We felt the dish had too much dal, which overpowered everything else, and the mutton was undercooked and tough. The meat shared the same fate in the Leelu Mutton (Rs 450), which the menu tells us, is her husband’s favourite. A fiery green curry and undercooked mutton meant this didn’t make it to our list of favourites.

Instead, we found solace in the creamy White Chicken (Rs 450), which had a stew-like consistency, warmth from almonds, and tender chunks of chicken. Our meal ended with Sev+Dahi (Rs 200), which married warm roasted vermicelli with cold and sweet dahi.

White Chicken
White Chicken

We love how Andheri is slowly becoming a hub for regional food, being served out of the kitchens of talented home chefs. While we liked Zenia’s food, the next time we hope for better-cooked mutton.

Time: 12.30 pm to 10.30 pm (Tuesdays closed) Delivery Across Mumbai (charges extra)
At: Shop 2, opposite Gwalior House, behind Seven Bungalow Garden, JP Road, Versova.
Call: 9930961698

By Joanna Lobo


  • Yummy mouth watering!

    Hope you will expand

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  • Please this is too much! Very very tempting , unless you can gorge yourself on these goodies, it is better not to see and read about them, that is too cruel. I live in NZ , so not much chance of that.

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