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This is an interpretation of Prophet Zarathushtra. Especially made for children with a message to learn from! Simply mount it on the wall for the kids to enjoy or place it on your desk.Great addition to a kids room.Great for gifting! The frame is 8″ x 10″ and the back has a stand and also a provision for wall hanging.

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A set of 7 Monajats Produced and Sung by Mani Rao
Please click on the link below and enjoy her melodious voice singing these evergreen songs:

  • o-dadgar-o-davar
  • karoochoon-o-dadgar
  • saambhal-re-saambhal
  • bakshish-o-manguch
  • saras-sauthi-kharo-rahbar
  • mane-vahala-re-vahala
  • khudavind-khavind

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ZUBIN MEHTA in a Persepolis Productions Inc & Oriental Heritage Trust Film

The Epic Film covers the 3500 years, from the time of the prophet Zarathushtra to the present day, tracing the history of Zoroastrians, Parsis (Parsees) of India

The first and only film to cover the philosophy and history of Zoroastrianism in a scholarly and dramatic way. This is an extraordinary journey; it will take you to places and times you may have only read about.!

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Hand embroidered kids terry cot blankets in various colored mauve stripes and checks with matching 12″x 12″ pillow covers. Fully lined with soft smooth cloth and hand stitched matching borders.For kids from birth to age 5.

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Legendary “horse whisperer” gets affectionate farewell

Last Sunday was a red letter day in the life of I n d i a ‘s l e g e n d a r y “horse whisperer“ Rashid Byramji. After regaling three generations of horseracing fans, the master craftsman retired from the game, officially.Although the racing world knew him as a horse trainer, Byramji was in fact a sculptor. An artist par excellence, Byramji sculpted champion after champion, year after year from raw bloodstock. He was a sculptor who was both mesmerized and infatuated with his creation; a creator whose admiration or lust would refuel rather than cease after the making of a singular objet d’art. Byramji kept creating masterpieces one after another; each better than the previous one. No wonder he was chased by the true connoisseurs of this art.

Having trained thoroughbred horses for the Indian Maharajas early in his career, Byramji raced horses for many an industrialist, business tycoon and breeder.By virtue of his stellar performance, Byramji ruled the Indian racing turf like none other, never before or after. That this third generation professional lasted fifty years in this trade was literally a tribute to his virtuosity.

Record achievement

Byramji effectively hung his boots at the end of the last Bangalore winter season, in March 2017, when he took the painful decision of not renewing his horse-trainer’s license anymore. He would have quit the sport long ago when age started telling on his efforts but his love for the noble four-legged creature and the fact that the racecourse was virtually a second home prevented him.

It was only befitting that the legendary figure was accorded a fond farewell by the racing fraternity during a timely felicitation ceremony hosted by the Bangalore Turf Club’s management on summer Derby day.

Words literally fail to reflect Byramji’s achievement though, for the record, he amassed an all-India tally of 3170 wins including 230 classics, 10 Indian Derby winners and 12 Indian Invitation Cup winners. The veteran was crowned champion trainer 42 times in a career that started six decades back in 1956.

Although Byramji started his career at Royal Western India Turf Club, he was forced to settle permanently in Bangalore apparently after an ugly spat with the turf club’s management. In a rare display of his rebellious character, Byramji refused to take lying down the injustice sought to be inflicted on him by the RWITC’s erstwhile managing committee in 1979.

The institution

Not only horses, Byramji honed the skills of jockeys who were also recognised as champions.His yard was like a one-stop shop for all aspiring horsetrainers! Over the years, Byramji became an institution in his own right and a guiding light for at least twenty horse-trainers. Even Aslam Kader assisted him soon after giving up horse-riding.

Aptly summarising Byramji’s personality, Pesi Shroff said: “That Byramji was good human being mattered more than him being a good horse-trainer. We got to learn in five minutes the skills which could have taken him years to accomplish.Although his training skills are folklore stuff now, I would say Byramji was a `trainer of trainers’.”

  • Usman Rangeela

Here is one of his latest interviews :

Fali Chothia Charitable Scholarship now accepting applications

The Fali Chothia Charitable Trust is now accepting applications for its 27th annual scholarship awards. Scholarships are open to Zoroastrian students in North America enrolled in four-year or graduate-level programs. Awards are based on financial need, academic achievement, extracurricular activity and community service. They are given as outright gifts or no- and low-interest loans.

The Fali Chothia Charitable Trust was established in 1988 under the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington, Inc. (ZAMWI). The Trust provides scholarships to deserving Zoroastrian students enrolled in universities in North America, regardless of their country of origin. Applications may be downloaded from:

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