India’s First Teaching Humanoid Robot MONTEA – Monaz Gandhi

SXRC – Bengaluru awards Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi of Mumbai with the SXRC CREATON Award for her privately and sole handedly programmed India’s First Teaching Humanoid Robot MONTEA.

  • Dr. Vikram Aditya Singh, Chief Technology Officer, SXRC – Bengaluru,
    Dr. Sharmin Mehta, Senior Research Scientist & Expert Gynecologist, SXRC – Bengaluru and Dr. Prachi Tejpal, Senior Research Scientist & Expert Neurologist, SXRC – Bengaluru addressed an internal PR Meet where they showcased the functionality of India’s First Teaching Humanoid Robot named as MONTEA with a brief introduction of its creator and mentor and how the project came into SXRC’s focus.
    Dr. Vikram Aditya Singh said, “Guys as you all know we are not much into the field of education and its research, but sometimes when we see a great talent hidden behind some creation we come out to support it at the best of our capabilities. Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi happens to be a young friend of one of our great scientist, Dr. Sharmin Mehta and she brought this project to highlight by creating off-content outlines of the project in our board meet.
    We all in the board meet were stunned by the work a non-scientific background based individual Ms. Monaz had done by deeply studying the RZ-AI Platform theories. We saw that this robot can not only act as a teacher but also as a Patient Care mediator when needed and slightly reprogrammed. Henceforth, we called this robot for testing and finally we are happy that we will take this entire robot as our next project by providing Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi a suitable reward for her creation after we are done with the current AI-Prosthetics project. We have called you
    here to witness the creation and leave your eyes open as we had left that day and bless the creator for her great understanding and passion in this work.”

Dr. Sharmin Mehta explained the entire project and its working during the meet which left the 50 PR-Meet candidates open mouthed. Dr. Sharmin Mehta said, “Before introducing MONTEA, I feel the introduction of its programmer and mentor is much more exciting and necessary. MONTEA is programmed by one of my friend, Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi under my guidance over skype and other communication systems. Monaz is a brilliant preschool teacher who is not only focused in teaching the toddlers at a pre-school in Mumbai but also has a passion to create a robotic teaching assistant to assist in teaching of her cute kid students. Based on her passion, she got
NAO – A Humanoid programmable robot from Aldebran Electronics and started to work on her passion since October 2015. A yearlong effort has yield this fruit which is in front of our eyes where the cute NAO has been reprogrammed with many more teaching superiorities and an interesting platform change that has made it more mobile and more friendly. Henceforth, we have named this new programmed robot as MONTEA based on the name of its creator and expert Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi (MON) and its behavior as a Teacher (TEA).”

Dr. Sharmin and Dr. Prachi addressed each feature of MONTEA that kept us completely locked in our seat as it was unbelievable for a non-scientific background 25 years’ pre-school teacher to understand the RZ-AI theories in such a depth and had implemented it beautifully in her program.

• MONTEA is developed with the idea of giving a personalized learning companion to the kids. • •MONTEA helps kids to learn by showing different practical aspects of the topic as well as using its own Human Encoded Sense of Humor, it makes learning for kids’ utmost fun. It has 35 degrees of freedom which means it is meant to do much more like a human friend.
• MONTEA is not intended to be used by replacing a teacher for teaching new facts to students but it is a student’s and teacher’s assistant who helps in the process of explaining the facts in much higher depth using its own practical senses and logic to create experimentation for live demonstration. Hence, it speeds up learning of the kids.
• MONTEA extends the concepts of “Learn from Demonstration” which uses a hierarchical logistic
regression system that allows MONTEA to choose the actions autonomously using the style of the human demonstrator.

MONTEA Demonstrating To Kids His Teaching Skills

MONTEA Learning To Stretch Hand & Fingers (LFD)

• MONTEA uses all the sensors and audio video functions highly advanced with RZ-AI and THD quality pixilation with 500 times better clarity than a HD Screen or Camera. It uses dual THD camera sensors as eyes and a head implanted tactile sensor so it can sense your motion towards it.
• It has speech senses like a human and it interacts with kids and humans very well and effectively making them feel as their true friend.
• It is compact enough with a height of just 1.5 feet to 2 feet as per customizations and so it can be carried along also accompanied along walking like a friend of the kid. It is very safe as it obeys all ASIMO rules and regulations for being a humanoid robot.
• MONTEA has self-learning capabilities due to its RZ-AI Neural Schema as coded by Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi and it can recognize and modify the error functionality of its embedded program. It has senses to talk like a human based on the Neural Schema.
• MONTEA is programmed using Microsoft Robotics Studio and RZ-AI Robotic Development Schema will all its modules created and marked as copyrights of Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi.

• MONTEA under specific conditions can be controlled by Windows Mobile or Windows PC to make it work as per requirement of teaching the kids. The presently coded content is to teach only pre-school students but later on even higher education contents will be added to its Neural Schema. It has an upgraded memory of 100 TB for storage of high quality media and data.
• MONTEA can access cloud data from One Drive and Google Drive along with other cloud storage options which makes it more versatile to access the stored data and media without even bothering about any storage space. It uses a special WI-MI system for communication to the cloud using its 100 MBPS connection speed.
• MONTEA can replicate its program and create a new MONTEA if both are connected using their special program replication joints.


Dr. Prachi Tejpal, Senior Research Scientist & Expert Neurologist, SXRC – Bengaluru after the end of the demonstration said, “This project (program) is entirely of private ownership and rights of Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi, Mumbai and we are glad to be witnessing such a huge creation that too with an aim to provide education to the pre-school kids. After witnessing this innovation, we can’t keep silent and hereby provide an announcement to honor the creator of MONTEA – Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi with SXRC CREATON Award at the AI-Prosthetics Launch Event in Bengaluru whose dates are going to be announced soon. Also, we announce to provide special invitation
to Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi to be a part of the AI-Prosthetics Launch event in Bengaluru as a Subordinate Chief Guest of the event and grace our event with her presence. Apart from these non-financial benefits, I would like to announce that SXRC will bear all the educational and higher educational including the PhD expenses of Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi if she is interested in further studies from now onwards. I along with the entire SXRC team congratulate Ms. Monaz V. Gandhi to be the First Indian Teaching Robot Creator and we wish her creation named
as MONTEA shall take education to different heights and improve the level of education in the entire country. We wish her all the best for her entire career and wish to see her soon gracing our event with her creative hands.”

SystemX Research Centre is the world’s Digital Innovation Centre which researches on transforming medical systems with software defined machines and solutions that include high end and precise quantum computing and artificial intelligence making them connected, responsive and predictive. SystemX shares this innovative knowledge with medical industry giants enabling them to form high quality medical instrumentation which works for the benefit of the patients.

Ms. Jairath Shah
SystemX Research Centre – PR Department
*Use contact form and quote the Press Release ID


17 Sep 2017 Article – Press Release



11 thoughts on “India’s First Teaching Humanoid Robot MONTEA – Monaz Gandhi

  1. Perizad B. Irani says:

    Congratulations Monaz Gandhi. Your creation is set to bring on the historical changes in our country in the field of education. When we all are moving towards our PM’s motto of having a Digital India, you just made his dream come true by developing this kind of digital assistant for a teacher. Being a teacher to a kid is like becoming a parent of his and this cute digital assistant will surely include fun and learning for the kids and make them more capable to bear the daily work schedule on their shoulders.

  2. Mehervan Daruwalla says:

    Dear Monaz,
    Congratulations on being awarded for your creation. May Ahura Mazda bless you and make you excel in each factors of your life. Thank you for bringing up glory to the Parsi Community.

  3. Azmin Mogal says:

    Ms. Monaz Gandhi as a preschool teacher you have done a path breaking invention. As a suggestion get this invention patented to your name all over the world.

  4. Armaity Dastur says:

    Hi Monaz,
    This is Armaity Dastur and I wish you all the very success in your life. You have a great opportunity waiting at your door steps. Study as much as you can and bring glory to our country and the entire Zarthushti community.
    Armaity Dastur

  5. Dr. Shazneen Malegamwalla says:

    An invention for kids is a good thought but try to expand this for the students of higher streams too. Get it patented. You may become the youngest patent holder.

  6. Dr. Kaushal S. Dhanpar says:

    Hey Dear Monaz,
    Congratulations first of all. I went through your article entirely and I saw you have used the worlds only Quantum Artificial Intelligence Theories RZ-AI. I am at Cambridge University and am still trying to understand them. If you can help me to understand them I would be grateful. I want to use those theories in developing AI vehicles.
    Congratulations once again. Drop a reply with emailID so as to contact you and learn the worlds only master AI theories.

  7. Dr. Ardeshir Batliwalla says:

    Congratulations Ms. Monaz Gandhi. You proved that our community is giving out great innovators every now and then. Be it our Mr. JRD Tata or Mr. Ratan Tata or Mr. Adi Godrej or Mr. Roozan B. or Mr. Fali Nariman…. Now you are the member of this elite group Ms. Monaz and our community will want you to remain in this group and bring more laurels to our community.

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