Medical Appeal cum update – Aspi S. Sepoy

Mr. Aspi Sepoy who met with a railway accident
at Udvada Railway Station on Thursday September 14, 2017

Community members are aware about the unfortunate that Mr. Aspi Sepoy met with on September 14, 2017.

Personal Background:
Aspi Sepoy Is a resident of Ava Baug, Navsari (46 years), a widower having lost his wife around five years ago in tragic circumstances. He is the father of two children who, have been enrolled as boarders at J. N. Petit Institute, Pune, their education is being paid for by The WZO Trust from funds being contributed by Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton & Macao). Aspi is employed by Foundation for Development of Udvada (FDU) as caretaker of the Zoroastrian Information Centre (Parsi Museum) at Udvada; he earns a salary Rs.10,000/= per month plus travelling expenses. (High Priest Khurshed Dastoor of Udvada & the undersigned along with a few others are Trustees of FDU).

The Accident:
Aspi met with an unfortunate accident on ThursdaySeptember 14, 2017 whilst on his way from Udvada to Navsari; he fell from the railway platform under a train, with both his legs being severely damaged. He was rushed to the civil hospital at Valsad, where doctors have performed emergency surgery and amputated both his legs below the knees.

Current Update:

Aspi was shifted to Parsi General Hospital at Mumbai on Saturday, September 16, 2017 for further treatment. Eminent Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Jamshed Bunshah has performed a further surgery today (Tuesday, September 19, 2017). The dressing will be checked after three to four days when it will known if blood circulation the leg stumps is normal, in which event no further surgeries may be required. However, this will only be determined once the dressings are opened again for examination.

To avoid infection, Aspi will not be placed in the general ward, but in a separate room (of the lowest denomination) after he is discharged from the ICU.

It has been given to understand that artificial feet that are imported (not made locally) will need to be procured.  The cost of each foot is estimated to be in the region of Rs.5,00,000 that is 10,00,000 for both.

Hospitalisation and other expenses on medicines cannot be quantified at present but are expected to be substantial.


We (The WZO Trust) have been receiving requests from individuals wishing to send their personal donations for Aspi.

Those who wish to send donations may do so by:

Forwarding cheques in the name of “The WZO Trust”; donors from India should mention their PAN details in their covering letter. Donors contributing through The WZO Trust can avail of tax benefits u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act.
Forwarding cheques in the name of “Aspi S. Sepoy”; donors from India should mention their PAN details in their covering letter. Donors contributing through this mode will not be able to avail of tax benefits u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, as the cheques will be credited to the personal bank account of Aspi Sepoy.

  Name of Bank: Deutsche Bank.
  Branch: Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort
  Branch Address: D. B. House, Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001
  Account title: The World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust
  Account No: 400004259620019
  Account type: Savings
  IFSC Code: DEUT0784PBC
FOR REMITTANCES FROM OUTSIDE INDIA:  Click Here for full details
Donors should inform us either by a letter or an e-mail, details of their PAN and address where the receipt has to be sent.

Cheques sent through either of the above modes may be mailed to the office of The WZO Trust at:

C-1, Hermes House, 3rd floor,
Mama Parmanany Marg,
Opera House,
Mumbai 400 004.

All email correspondence to be sent to

Dinshaw K Tamboly;

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  • Thanks for the update on Aspi Sepoy.
    The write up does not give details of the bank account no. For online transfer. A friend of mine wants to contribute from abroad. Can you please get the bank account details and post it online.
    It may help others also.

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