World’s First Octacore Quantum Processor for use in Medical Devices & Health Care Systems


SystemX Research Centre, California announces the official launch of the World’s First Octacore Quantum Processor for use in Medical Devices & Health Care Systems.

CALIFORNIA – 13 September 2017 – Dr. Roozan Bharucha’s sole handed innovation that
was heavily in conversation all over the Medical Industry has finally taken its major leap at

(L-R) QRoz QTO 6 Microprosessor, QRoz 120 Socket, Dr. Roozan Bharucha (The Innovator), Dr. Prachi Tejpal (The Presentor)

The SystemX Research Centre Press Meet, California with the announcement of the
launch of The World’s First Octacore Quantum Processor (6 Qbits) for usage in Medical
Devices and Health Care Systems.

Dr. Neel Weber, The Chief Technical Officer, SystemX Research Centre, California said, “The
World’s first Octacore Quantum Processor with 6 Qbits has been rigorously tested and
certified for safe usage in all kinds of medical devices and health care systems including the
ones which require implanting the device in the patient’s body. This Quantum Processor will
not be used with Personal Computers and Communication Equipment as its design and
specifications have been drafted for its use in Medical Devices and Health Care Systems. This
Quantum Processor has been named as QRoz QTO 6 where Roz stands for its innovation by
the sole handed efforts of our Hon. Research Scientist Dr. Roozan Bharucha, Q and QT stands
for Quantum Technology, O stands for Octacore Processing Technology and 6 stands for 6
QBits. Our next step will be to use this Quantum Chip in AI-Prosthetic Devices as
demonstrated earlier by using just 1.2 Qbit Quantum Single Core Chipsets and replacing them
prior to launch with this great awaited chipset assembly and soft code language.”
After the brief address of Dr. Neel Weber, the brief exploration of the processor and its
features was given by Dr. Prachi Tejpal, Senior Research Scientist & Expert Neurologist,
SystemX Research Centre. Shee said, “The new processor based on Quantum Technology
QRoz QTO 6 is the first of its kind High Frequency Quantum Core Signal Process Agent which
has 8 cores and each of that core has the capability to register data up to 6 QBits which is
beneficial for core to advanced High End Medical Devices or Health Care Systems.” To brief up
his proceedings, the following are the features of this advanced hi-tech processor assembly
designed for Health Care Equipments as laid down by SystemX Research Centre’s Senior
Research Scientist, Dr. Prachi Tejpal during their Press Meet in California:

Processor Technology: Quantum Core where each core is designed based on the
Quantum Mechanical & Electronic Technology and processed using hi – calibrated
Nano chips for stable and safe results and extra strong durability under adverse

Cores (Subprocessors): 8 where each subprocessor or core is capable to handle 6
QBits of input – output data stream making it superfast and comparable to the
advanced processing ranges of the Super Computers.

Core Capacity: 6 QBits per Core where each core is capable to handle 6 QBits of input
– output data to be processed in 0.1 nanoseconds.

Chip Version: AI Ver 1.53E where 1.53E is the Artificial Intelligence database version
which handles various human body movements based on natural senses and nerve
reflexes in equivalent timings of a normal human movement.

Level: Artificial Intelligence Gradient 4 Version RBA 1.0 where AIG 4.0 version RBA 1.0
is the graphic intelligence factor replicated as per the normal pixel shade rating for
replicating the human muscular movement on the screen graphics using high quality
Advanced Quantum Dot THD Technology which is the world’s most clarity producing
image category.

Form Factor: Robotic (Embedded) where QRoz QTO 6 can be used in many embedded
robotic medical devices and health care systems due to its least dimensions and easy
configuration of pins.

Dimensions: 3.5 mm x 3 mm x 0.2 mm where QRoz QTO 6 is having the least
dimensions as of date for any robotic Quantum Chip along with toughened UV and
Laser coatings that make it rough and tough to bear any adverse conditions and

Calculations: 7.2 Billion Calculations per second (BODMASS & Complex Arithmetic)
where it can calculate upto 7.2 Billion Calculations on an average per second which
involve BODMASS arithmetic complex or Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equation
solutions or both.

Intelligence Benchmark: 01.23 where Intelligence Benchmark is the benchmark
offered by World Electronic Federation for the self-intelligence capabilities of the
processor which is the highest till date to any AI chip.

SystemX Research Centre is the world’s Digital Innovation Centre which researches on
transforming medical systems with software defined machines and solutions that include high
end and precise quantum computing and artificial intelligence making them connected,
responsive and predictive. SystemX shares this innovative knowledge with medical industry
giants enabling them to form high quality medical instrumentation which works for the benefit
of the patients.

Ms. Shweta Pal
SystemX Research Centre – PR Department

About SystemX
SystemX Research Centre provides artificially intelligent and quantum computing based
transformational medical technologies and innovations that are used by the medical
instrumentation manufacturing industry to shape a new age of patient healthcare system.



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