NIH Honours Neville Sanjana

Neville Sanjana was recently conferred ‘The New Innovator Award’ as the outstanding Indian American Scientist 2017, by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and its Office of Strategic Coordination’s The Common Fund. Neville is among the seven Indian-American scientists selected for National Institute of Health Awards 2017. A core faculty member at the New York Genome Center and an assistant professor of biology at New York University and of neuroscience and physiology, Neville was selected for his project, ‘In Situ Functional Genomics to Understand Transcriptional Regulation’, which basically utilises new technologies for large-scale DNA synthesis and gene editing which can be applied to gene regulation, cancer evolution and metastasis, drug resistance, cancer immunotherapy, neurodevelopmental disorders and synthetic biology.

Earlier Neville has achieved a doctorate in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from MIT; B.Sc in Symbolic Systems; and a BA in English literature from Stanford University. He has also been a recipient of the ‘Kimmel Scholar’ Award; the ‘Melanoma Research Alliance Young Investigator’ Award; the ‘NIH Pathway to Independence Award’; and the ‘Paul Allen Institute for Brain Science Next Generation Leader’ Award.


Parsi delicacies on sale in London late 19th century

Paper bag reveals forgotten history

This 130 year old paper bag reveals that Indian sweetmeats were being sold in London in the late 19th century, much earlier than most people would expect. This lovely piece of ephemera is one of my favourite items in Connecting Stories: Our British Asian Heritage, an exhibition at the Library of Birmingham until 04 November. It is one of many items in the exhibition that illuminate the forgotten story of early South Asian influences on British life and culture.


The paper bag is at the British Library thanks to the enthusiasms of Henry Evans, a conjuror and ventriloquist, who performed under the stage name ‘Evanion’. He collected this bag as well as posters, advertisements, trade cards and catalogues which give lively insights into popular entertainment and everyday life in the late 19th century. Connecting Stories also features this beautiful poster which gives more details of the Indian themed entertainments on offer at Langham Place – snake charmers, wrestlers and dancers known as nautch girls.

Fully funded Masters & PhD Scholarships offered 2017-2018

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Power”as well “Ego”

Go hand in hand

As one can’t do

Without the other



Respect Tolerance Understanding

Treating everyone with Dignity

We may differ in colour caste or creed

But nobody is inferior or superior

‘Cause we are on the same playing field


Some humans have the “Power`

As well drunk in Ego

To subjugate & dominate

When  Death arrives at the door step

One has to “welcome” it in

It does not differentiate.

Between the rich poor or the pauper

That’s when these humans

Become meek as lambs

‘Cause there is “No Return”

The realization sets in that

They have “been had”

No amount of Prayers

Are going set them free

They should have

Thought about it

When they were on

Power & Ego “spree


Looking back they

May whisper:

“Wish we could have done

Things  differently

Making lives easier for Humanity

Offering Peace & Prosperity

As well  Understanding Tolerance

Including  Dignity”


Farida Bamji

Freishia Bomanbehram

With over 10 years of theatre experience, 4 international feature films, 100s of corporate events and dozens of Indian TV commercials to my name, I am blessed to do what I love doing. I’ve had the opportunity to have worked with stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Sachin Tendulkar, Saif Ali Khan, Kareen Kapoor, Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan, Priyanka Chopra, Shilpa Shetty and Katrina Kaif, Salman Rushdie, to name a few.

I’ve interviewed global CEOs and launched some of the most popular products in the market worldwide, be it the latest gadget, watch by Rado, Mercedes Benz or Maruti Nexa’s new car. When it comes to hosting conferences it doesn’t matter whether it’s for banking, fashion, IT or even start up’s, I have a natural flair of picking up the right points and keeping the momentum going at the event.

A travel lover, big foodie, and fitness enthusiast I joined NDTV Good Times as an anchor with my own travel series ‘Hangout Amreeka’. Since then there has been no looking back, I’ve hosted many shows on the channel like Band Baaja Bride 5, Filmfare awards red carpet 2 years in a row, Dubai Diaries, India with Marriott, Lakme Fashion Week, GQ Man of the year, India Couture Week.

While I am travelling the world for my Tv shows & hosting some of the sub continents biggest corporate events I also create videos for my rapidly growing YouTube channel ‘Whack’ which has crossed 1-lakh subscribers.
This led to me being the face of Stayfree India’s digital YouTube cam

Freishia is India’s only female science and lifestyle YouTuber. She has over one lakh followers on Youtube and more than 30K followers on Instagram.


Minoo Dinshaw shortlisted as Young Writer of the Year – 2017


The Sunday Times / Peters Fraser + Dunlop Young Writer of the Year Award, in association with the University of Warwick, rewards the best work of fiction, non-fiction or poetry by a British or Irish author aged between 18 and 35.

Featuring three novels, a collection of short stories and a biography, the shortlist showcases the extraordinary breadth of young British and Irish writing: Minoo Dinshaw’s debut Outlandish Knight is the biography of a great and strange British historian; with the The End of the Road, Claire North has written a novel of life, death and everything in between; The Lucky Ones, Julianne Pachico’s debut collection of stories, mostly set in Columbia, brings together the fates of guerrilla soldiers, rich kids, rabbits and drug dealers; Conversations with Friends by Irish writer Sally Rooney has written an intimate story of high-risk relationships, youth and loveand The Lauras by Sara Taylor, whose first novel was shortlisted for the award in 2015, explores identity and relationships, set against a rolling backdrop of the North American landscape.

The winner of The Sunday Times / Peters Fraser & Dunlop Young Writer of the Year Award 2017, in association with the University of Warwick, will be announced at a reception at the London Library on Thursday, 7 December.


Ardi Kolah makes it to the BAME 100 list

In order to establish the shortlist for the Board Talent Index from within the BAME community (British. Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (used to refer to members of non-white communities in the UK), UK executive recruitment firm Green Park applied a soft scoring method based on the criteria it believes separates REALmodels from other diverse leaders. These criteria focus on influencing positive change and development in business and are each graded out of 25.

The criteria:

R = Recognised: accredited for the good that they do
E = Extraordinary: not just achieved but excelled in their efforts
A = Authentic: known for being true to their undisputed origin
L = Leading: climbed the ladder of their organisations and achieved success

Once the REAL model leaders are identified, the judges ratify the shortlists based on their own insights, the individual’s credibility and the profiles presented and the final indexes are confirmed. Each shortlist usually contains around 115-135 profiles. 

An Advisory Panel including Lord Holmes, Baroness Royall, Ken Olisa OBE, Raj Tulsiani and Trevor Philips MBE ratifies the final BAME 100 List.

Ardi Kolah LL.M, Executive Fellow and Director, GDPR Transition Programme at Henley Business School (Number 1 in Europe for executive education in GDPR) made the BAME100 List.

Full list is available:

Ardi Kolah BA (Hons), LL.M, FCIM, MBCS, FRSA

Executive Fellow & Programme Director

GDPR Transition Programme

Henley Business School

University of Reading

Greenlands, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 3AU, UK

Tel: +44 (0)77100 77941


GDPR Transition Programme