Remembering Dr. Zinobia Madan


 It has come as a great shock to learn about the untimely demise of Dr. Zinobia Mahiar Madan,a  well known expert in healthcare, Founder  and managing director, ClinOma Healthcare, Honorary  consultant – Lifestyle Medicine, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre,  A Co-founder of Jiyo Parsi scheme, and above all a good human being,  kind, compassionate always eager and ready to help anyone in distress, or needing care and guidance.

       Giving a helping hand to the poor and suffering is our reason to exist said Zinobia, 


who was very passionate about this social cause. In December 2009 when she met Dr. Shernaz Cama at the 9th World Zoroastrian Congress in Dubai where she presented a paper on ” The medical problems concerning the Parsi Community”, she with Dr. Shernaz Cama conceptualised and planned a scheme to solve the problem of the declining trend in the community.



 She presented a research data of the community and insights into the causes of decline of the Parsi community. After discussion with the infertility expert Dr. Anahita Pandole, a plan was submitted, which was approved by the Ministry and a foundation was laid for a scientifically designed programme ‘Jio Parsi’.

       “Time for Focused Action, Not for Unwarranted Reactions” was the introductory message from Dr. Zinobia.

       Dr. Zinobia was a Mumbai-based expert in healthcare, and had garnered more than 20 years of experience through clinical research, new introduction of healthcare products, teaching, writing and mentoring. In the pharma industry she held key leadership positions as Medical Director of leading multinational pharma companies.



 In recognition of her outstanding contribution to the field of Medical Science & Nutrition, she was awarded MAMS (Membership of The National Academy of Medical Sciences), FIMSA (Fellowship of the International Medical Science Academy) and FICA (Fellowship of the International College of Nutrition). Dr Zinobia Madan was also the recipient of “Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award for Innovations in Healthcare, 2014” & “Jewel of India Award for Landmark Contributions in Healthcare, 2014”.

She was identified by the Mumbai University as an outstanding Undergraduate to undergo an intensive research training orientation course at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune in Basic and applied Biochemistry related areas pertaining to research orientation in various departments of NCL.



After she was awarded doctorate for her original cardiovascular research work at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, she actively pursued a career in the Pharmaceutical Industry, in the Medical Divisions of  leading Pharma companies like Abbott and Wockhardt, in areas of clinical research pertaining to several therapeutic areas, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Medico marketing, Regulatory and Medical Information.

       She was a member of several medical societies in India, and has no less than 30 key publications, some being coauthored with eminent Doctors like G. S. Sainani, G. B. Parulkar and others.


She was a speaker at many national and international forums for increasing awareness on wellness and healthcare.

       In 2010, the Indo- American Society invited Dr. Zinobia to deliver a presentation on “Lifestyle Changes for a Healthy Future”.

       A new leaf in her career opened in the year 2010 when she conceptualised the novel idea of providing quality healthcare for Indian citizens with a lifestyle concept through her organisation, ClinOma healthcare with a focus towards imparting quality and meaningful healthcare to make a significant impact on human life. In the area of pharmacovigilance & Clinical Research ClinOma Dr. Zinobia was Panelist and Chairperson and participated at two forums speaking on Patient Empowerment.



Individuals at this clinic with stress and associated problems like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, osteoporosis and several others, received care and counselling with a scientific and holistic approach.

       Having a disability should not discourage one from leading a useful life. True to her words, in spite of the crippling disabilities she suffered, she worked till her last breath helping the poor and the suffering making it her reason to exist. She further emphasised, “We need to elevate our souls by shifting our life’s curve more and more towards our positive attitudes & to eliminate all negativity from our life, as this will ultimately give us the satisfaction of having lead a life as per the tenets of our great religion. We must ultimately learn to involve ourselves more in caring for others rather than having an attitude of being self-obsessed, so that our existence will become more and more meaningful.These very words speak of the great emphasis she laid on Service Before Self!


       She further bemoans, ” It is so true and we have live experiences that the greatest wealth in the universe cannot bring back all the lost health or lost happiness. So true for one who had the spirit and the will to rise and excel, but no physical strength to combat.

       “As a good human being how far you go in life, depends on your being gentle with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic to the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the strong.. Because at some juncture in life, you would have been all of those.” These words narrated by her speak a volume about the way she faced the world with rare courage and determination till the end.

       May her soul rest in heavenly bliss and inspire others to tread the path of renunciation and righteousness.

By Piroja Homi Jokhi


  • Our condolences to her loved ones for their loss and to our community for the loss of a caring Zarathushti who lived her life the way it should be lived.

  • Heartfelr condolences to the family.
    May her soul ascend to the highest heaven.

  • Dear Madan Family
    To loose someone so near
    As well dear
    It’s agonizing & gut wrenching
    Causing excruciating pain
    Thinking when will we see our loved ones again
    All we have is sweet memories you

    That one can cherish
    By keeping the flame alive
    That forever will linger
    Till the end of time

    May Ahura Mazda keep you safe
    And Wrap is His Arms around you
    May Zinobia’s sweet soul be there to
    Guide you

    Please kindly accept our deepest sympathies & sincere condolences

  • Yasmin siganporia

    Just read abt dr zenobia madan and feel tht the community has lost a jewel. My heartfelt con dolences to her family.

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