Erratica Once More!

Bachi Karkaria’s Erratica has been deflating egos – and tickling ribs – for the past 25 years. The weekly column began in, and with, The Metropolis on Saturday, moved to the newly minted Bombay Times, sparkled in the Sunday Times of India and has come to rest on the edit page of The Times of India. Its pompous subjects have no such luck. The stiletto thrust, the intelligent association of ideas, the ever-ready wit, the masterful word-play, the warm humanity have won Bachi Karkaria a growing legion of admirers. Arguably, Alec Smart, the cheekier commentator at the end of each column has a bigger fan club. Erratica Once More, second in the series, is a selection from an eclectic range covering old targets and new media, Eng Lit pit and real potholes, gender and its agendas, life in all its foibles – and fun.


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